Don’t know where to get it

So… I'm 17 and I am really interested in getting an aneros project. Ive done some anal play but I want something more substantial than a finger. The problem is I can't really go into a store and get one because you usually have to be older than 18. And I don't think I can ship it to my house because my parents usually get the packages while I'm at school and open them.

Ideas? Also which ones would you recommend I purchase? Programs? Helix? Etc?



  1. In terms of actually getting one, you can order any of the models and have it delivered to an Amazon locker. There are lockers located around the country, all you gotta do is go and pick it up.

  2. order it from amazon, get it gift wrapped, and have a note enclosed saying it’s for a friend. "happy birthday rachael! may the odds be ever in your favour" or some other silly note like that. if your parents ask what it is, say it’s a dvd box set or something.

  3. Is it ok to just skip the Helix and go straight for the Progasm given that I want both the massager and the filling feeling?

  4. And on my debit card it will just come up as Amazon — $30 right?

  5. basically, whatever the quote you put should have something to do with what’s "inside" and make sure the thing you’re supposedly sending is a similar size to the aneros box 🙂

  6. I believe so. If not you can always go the super safe paranoid route and buy an Amazon gift card with cash, wearing a fake mustache and full disguise.

  7. If your parents don’t check your receipts, TJ has the right idea (except for maybe the mustache part…lol…). You can buy a Amazon gift card from somewhere like Target and it’ll show up as Target on your statements. Plus, there’s no additional fee, so if you pay $30, you get $30 to spend on Amazon. It’s an amazing deal. AND, Amazon has those great lockers so you don’t have to get it sent to your home! Amazon…helping people get off in secret since the 1990’s!!!

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