Crossing the finish line

Well, it finally happened. Session before last I had my first Super-O. I know I've speculated that I might have reached that before, but there has always been some doubt in my mind. This time, there is no doubt at all. It felt exactly like I've read on the forums and wiki. And it is as wonderful as I could have imagined. I actually ended up having three Super-Os that session, and two more the following session. Now that I know how to achieve one, I am hopeful that this will be a regular occurance. I am also excited to see what else lies in store for me and the Aneros.

-Since I've been using regular )non-rechargeable( batteries, I have been making more use of the 'light-steady' setting on the vibrator, as it's now plenty strong enough to achieve orgasms )including one of the Super-Os mentioned above(. I suspect part of that has to do with my prostate being more sensitive as well. But now that all three vibrations strengths are effective, it's making my sessions more enjoyable….and a bit longer.

-In addition to my Super-O breakthrough above, I also have my first a-less orgasm. I was driving in my car on the way to a night out during the week when it happened. It was small, so not terribly distracting, but still enjoyable. But I had to adjust the way I was sitting, because I really didn't want it to become too much of a distraction while driving. I've been feeling my prostate quite a bit while sitting in both my office and home computer chairs, though nothing beyond that.

-I've only had one instance of the vibrator stuttering since I've stopped using rechargeable batteries. In that case, I'm not sure if it was just a bum battery, or if the bottom part of the vibrator got loose. I took out the vibrator, made sure everything was tight and clean, replaced the battery and put it back. Didn't have any more problems after that.

-Now that I've achieved the Super-O, I'll probably be giving the Helix Syn more work to see what it can do. I'm hopeful that it will be able to build upon what the Vice has done to me so far.