1. Weed helps a lot of people relax. It also causes some people extreme anxiety. And for some (like me) it can go either way. Perhaps a glass of wine/beer/whatever would help you. Something to put your body at ease. You don’t need to get sloshed, just slightly relaxed. (i am female, and i only speak from experience with other sexual experimentation)

  2. absolutely not, never smoked weed and have tremendous orgasms with Aneros. It is a lot about being able to relax so if weed helps you then its something to consider.

  3. I smoke everytime I go for a Progasm ride but I dont need to, I can have Orgasms stone cold sober but it does take longer and being high is just so fun. Weed just helps relax me and it makes me more aware of all the littleist sensations that go on. My routine is that i insert before inhale, so i put my Progasm in then I take a puff of weed. I also need a little white noise to get the ball rolling so I go on youtube and listen to Whisper ASMR videos on low volume, i couldnt tell you a single word of what they are saying but the whisper in my ear makes me feel tingly and it doesnt take long before I am in Super-O heaven.

  4. Aneros sessions are about 50% physical and 50% mental. If weed is what you need to relax so you can enjoy the session, then go for it. Plenty of people use it to assist in their sessions, but all of my successes have come (haha) while sober. The biggest thing to remember with the Aneros is that your mileage may vary. Learning from others can be a great resource to help you along the way, but just because something works for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for someone else. Just be open-minded and remember not to get discouraged.

  5. I think if you’re that on the wall and not morally against it, you should give some herb a chance with or without the aneros. Almost like never having a beer. That being said, a glass of wine may give you that little extra relaxation that you may need.

  6. It just helps you disassociate what you’re muscles are doing and what you’re thinking about. Weed turns off your short term memory meaning you think less and experience more. You can do the same thing by self-trickery. Just have to have a strong understanding of where your thoughts are going so you stop worrying/acting and start feeling more. (Read [the thing](http://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/37ippz/status_check_how_to_take_it_further/crokbgv) I just wrote on "accidental gliding")

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