Def: “Frottage is a physical act that takes place between two people of either the opposite or the same sex involving the contact of genitals against genitals. The genitals of the two participants are interlocked as they rub against each other with the intent of arousing sexual desire. The genital stimulation produces increasingly pleasurable sensations; if it is done for significant enough time and the partners are sufficiently aroused, orgasm will result.”

J and I began our relationship doing vagina – penis frottage many years ago. I used to call it “buttering her muffin”. Sorry, what can I say …… I was 22 years old. I would lie on my back and she world straddle my hips and nestle my shaft lengthwise against her vagina so that my cockhead would rub on her clit. She became very adept at rubbing her clit on my shaft, eventually moving her clit to my cockhead when she was just about ready to cum. She loved to see me ejaculating thick streams of my cum on her erect clit. She was a master at timing our orgasms.

Since I discovered that I could MMO from warm pressure on the underside of my cockhead, we have been practicing penis – anus frottage. I nestle my penis in her crack with my cockhead lodged in the warmth of her anal opening without penetrating her. I then reach around her and masturbate her clit and vagina, while I massage her nipples and kiss her neck. This is one of our favorite ways to play. It affords me access to all her pleasure spots and I can MMO for as long as it takes her to cum without pressuring her to hurry her own pleasure. She knows I am experiencing intense amounts of anal pleasure, while she gets worked up to have her climax. She doesn’t feel any pressure to rush her own orgasm or feel guilty for taking too long to cum. It is a wonderful way that we have adapted to the differing amounts of time it takes us to orgasm. She also likes my embrace as she is drifting in arousal.

Over the last few years I have had the privilege of experiencing cock to cock frottage with guys. There is no doubt in my mind that this is my favorite way to have sex with guys. My favorite way of doing this involves the guy lying on his back with his legs together. I then straddle his hips resting my balls on his balls and cradling his penis in my hand. I then lay my erect cock on his holding our cockheads together. I then thrust my hips rubbing our frenula together to make us both cum. The act of doing this gets me so aroused that even before our cockheads touch, precum is flowing from my cockslit; the slippery ooze from both our cocks makes the friction of our cockheads exquisitely sexy. I can ejaculate really fast from frotting unless I am judicious in how assertively I do it.

Part of the appeal of cock frotting for me is the extremely sexy view I get of my erect reddened cockhead rubbing on a guys cock as we ooze precum on each other until one or both of us spews our cum. I love seeing my cum glazing his cock as he lies under me. I produce a great deal of semen in ejaculation and I tend to make more in very sexy situations like frotting. It tends to surprise my sex partner as he watches me unload a prodigious stream of my hot cum on his cock.

As men there are so many ways to express our passion and erotic inclinations. Frotting is definitely on the top of my list.