Frustration. I fail at the contraction technique AND the relaxation technique after almost 1 year.

Here`s the deal:

The relaxing technique where you just lie there and relax your anus brings me SO close to the super O. The eletrical, warm and tingle-feeling, spasms and shaking, AND involuntaries. Last night my stomach contracted so hard that it felt like a workout : ) BUT, then it stops : (

When i use the contraction technique, i get to the eletrical, warm and tingle-fase. Then it stops. But i know why: At this fase my prostate has swelled up so that i loose touch with the muscles in my anus. The muscles gets tense and there is less room for movement.

After 1 year of practice i feel like a failure : (

Any tips? : )



  1. I hate to list off things you may already know, but I’ll go through a few things I tend to recommend to everyone: Relaxation, focus, and arousal are the most important things. Eliminate distractions. If that means turning off the phone, then do so. You should be aware of your prostate and focused on it. If you watch porn while having a session, try having a session without porn or perhaps with some audio porn (check our /r/gonewildaudio ). The visuals can be arousing, but also distract you from your prostate. And don’t try to force sessions. Don’t just have one because you can. Wait until you feel you have time and can get yourself significantly aroused. You can have sessions too often, just like you can masturbate normally too often. Learning to tell the difference between your sphincter muscles and PC muscles is also very important. Typically, they contract at the same time, but by practicing you can develop them separately. To train your PC muscle, next time you go to pee, try stopping the stream a few times while you go. Training this muscle to be able to be held at a 30% or so contraction at all times can be very helpful. Try to go with the flow. Your body, when aroused, will start involuntary contractions on its own. The knee-jerk reaction to these will be to try to contract back with them in rhythm. This can be counterproductive. If you’re doing the do-nothing method, then do your best to just go with the flow and let them do their thing while trying to stay relaxed. If you’re doing rhythmic contractions, do your best to keep your pattern going even with the involuntaries going. This is easier said than done, I know, but it will help you a lot. I hope some of that info helps. If you have Amy other questions, please feel free to post back here or PM me. I’m always happy to help!

  2. Thank you : ) I`m having a session tonight and i will remember these tips. I will try erotic audio tonight : ) I have been training my PC muscles 10 minutes everyday for 2 weeks now, and i aim to get them to be a part of the daily ritual. They are also usefull for getting dry multiple-orgasms with the penis by stopping the ejaculation with the pc muscles : ) Is training the sphincter muscles necessary? or even possible? When you are right on the edge and feel that orgasm is very near, do you do anything different? I get so excited. Maybe that is part of my problem?

  3. Training the sphincter muscle isn’t really necessary. Being able to flex it separately of the PC muscle can be very valuable, as you can sort of roll a contraction back and forth between the two and that can be very pleasurable. Getting too excited could very well be part of your issue. I know it seems counter productive to keep the pace as things start to get intense, but that’s the best thing you can do. As far as being close or not, I’d ask what model Aneros you’re using. From what you describe, it sounds to me like you must be using a Progasm or a Maximus. I’ve had some intense sessions with the Helix and Eupho, but never anything quite in that level unless I was using the Progasm.

  4. Your descriptions somehow remind me of when I was first becoming sexually active – I would be rock hard until it was actually time to have sex, and then I would go limp. Later, it became midway through sex, despite how good it felt, I’d lose the erection. Eventually I figured out that this was because I was afraid that it would happen and it would become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It also sort of sounds like when you lucid dream, there’s that moment when you get excited and are like ‘oh shit! I’m dreaming!’ and then almost immediately wake up. I speak only as one who has just recently gotten to orgasming though I’m not sure it was a super-o … but my attempts prior to the session yesterday had been similar to your experience. Things seemed to build, and I’d feel like I was getting there but then it would just stop and I’d be left somewhat disappointed. Every time I’d go into a session a part of me would think ‘this is the time it happens’ and part of that expectation set me up for failure. When I’d seemingly get close, or even feel like I’m on the right path, when it fades the disappointment magnifies on itself, and makes whatever good feelings disappear. Additionally, when I began to involuntarily contract I’d get out of myself, and wonder ‘was that truly involuntary?’ and sort of analyze the situation instead of simply experiencing it. What worked for me this last time was mostly just a ‘lets see where this goes’ attitude, borne of an assumption based off my failures that it wasn’t going to happen. When I would get to the point of wondering if the contractions were involuntary or not, my response was ‘who cares?.’ So maybe next time perhaps try not to be outcome-dependent, and simply experiment with things; try out different levels of contraction, different periods of time contracted and not (fast or slow) and try to just learn about what feels good to you. I’d say also that my experience was essentially like nothing I’d ever had before, and as such in past sessions I wasn’t entirely sure of what I was ‘looking for’ or I had preconceived notions about what an orgasm was supposed to feel like (penile) when to me at least, this is a completely different experience, though similar. If the techniques you mentioned aren’t doing it for you … think about that for a moment. Maybe they’re not *right* for you. Try mixing those techniques up a bit with variation, and see where it goes from there.

  5. My best guess is that you get *really* close, and then you *realize* that you’re *really* close and then get all distracted by and excited about how close you are . . . and then you change what you’re doing in order to try to get yourself past the finish line. Could that be?

  6. I think you are right : ) I also begin to think about what i should do different. Have you had super O`s with the Aneros?

  7. Not necessarily. The Helix is a great model and I would definitely recommend it. That does not mean it’s the best model for everyone. It sounds like you’re in the right track, though. I have no experience with the Maximus. I never felt like I needed one since I have a Progasm. I have had similar experiences with the Progasm though.

  8. Actually, not with an aneros, no. Hate to say it, but I’ve had better luck with my own fingers. I’m still waiting for someone to build a better mousetrap on this one. I have a Progasm, but I’m so underwhelmed by it that I’m in no hurry to shell out the cash to try a different model.

  9. I have had prostate orgasms with my fingers too : ) It`s awesome : )

  10. be careful with the Helix. I started experimenting with the MGX. that thing is like the size of a larger persons thumb (only longer). I always felt like it didnt reach unless I contracted everything really hard to make contact (which makes the MGX not work at all for me – contracting to feel anything is a no-no). and the Helix is even smaller than the already very small MGX. more like a regular persons index finger Id say (needless to say it does even less for me than the MGX)

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