What the hell was that!?

Ok so I used the Aneros syn a couple times and it didn't really do anything. Except that one time where I masturbated with it in, I noticed the next time I inserted the Aneros it was a lot better, so I decided do it again.

Instead I get a completely different situation. During masturbation I could feel the Aneros hitting against my prostate, and for the first time I think I felt direct prostate stimulation. The weird part came when I ejaculated.

All the sudden the Aneros started vibrating, which is weird because it's non-electric. Very localized where the Aneros was. Overall it was an unsatisfactory orgasm, which I'm not complaining, but I added it for details.

Can anyone tell what that was?

Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/3bay88/what_the_hell_was_that/


  1. It sounds like first stage contractions from your pumpers / prostate. My aneros journey took a lot of uses where I think my body was making new connections and becoming stronger. This is not immediately like an ejaculatory orgasm but it is the start of awareness of sensation in your body one your path to the super-o Next time it starts vibration I like to try and feel the sensation and amplify it if I can. My first year with occasional use is was experimenting and also expecting sensation like a got from masturbation and its was great fun. However, when I started to get it right with lubrication, removing the handle and deep breathing. It really took a step much deeper

  2. Yes, removing the handle! Would you recommend this? My favorite and most comfortable position is laying down and the handle kind of impedes with that. Is there any downsides or precautions with doing this?

  3. I’ve got no experience with the syn which may be different given the silicone coating but on my MGX and Helix it was no problem. It was a lot more mobile and easier for me to swap positions to follow different sensations. Can cut it off with different tools but best to sand it with a fine grain sand paper to remove any holes or crevices where bacteria could breed. I’m still looking into reshaping the angle of my tab because it always seems to move to the side rather than staying put on my perineum point when I really start buzzing

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