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I've been trying prostate stimulation for a while with little success. A couple of months ago I got a good sensation by putting a condom on the handle of a hair brush and using it in my ass. After about 10 minutes I could start to feel a small, not painful but pressing sensation. Was this me hitting my prostate? I soon started to feel the need to pee and started to drip pre cum. I stopped because I wasn't sure I was doing it right. So I decided to buy a prostate massager online. I can't remember the name of it right now but I'll edit the post when I do. So I used this vibrating massager and had a few sensations but nothing amazing. I am waiting a few days before trying again from now. What things should I do to experience a proper and full prostate orgasm? How deep should I have this massager and what feeling should I be getting to focus in during, both for the hairbrush and vibrating massager? Thanks.


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  1. i highly recommend using the wiki on the right of this sub to help start your journey. It will answer many questions and give you a lot of ideas of how to approach your objective.

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