Cleansing beforehand feels like a chore and a buzzkill. Any tips?

I have yet to have any luck with the Aneros products I own (Vice, Helix Syn, purchased in that order). I imagine this is mostly from a lack of persistence and practice; I'm still at the point where I don't really get any of the feelings described on the wiki and I wonder if the Aneros (especially the Helix Syn) is even reaching my prostate at all. The fact that this stage is described in the wiki makes me hopeful that this will eventually change.

Anyway, one problem I have that prevents me from practicing more than once every few months is the fact that cleansing beforehand feels like a huge chore. I'll feel like using the Aneros, but then by the time I've made sure my rectum is clean, some of that arousal will be long gone.

I used to do full enemas to clean my insides before anal play, but I guess that's overdoing it, and possibly even counterproductive. So the last few times I've resorted to only using an anal douche, but it's still quite a hassle. If I do any anal play shortly afterwards there's often some water left in the rectum, so I tend to wait 1-2 hours after cleansing before inserting anything. This means any time I want to play with the Aneros, the whole process can easily take up 3-4 hours of the day. Which is an especially disappointing investment of time when there are no results by the end of it. 🙂

Does anyone have any tips? What am I doing it wrong, if anything? How do the regulars typically prepare for sessions?


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  1. Once every few months? You’re gonna have to session a lot more frequently than that if you wanna see progress. It took me around a month of daily usage to begin feeling anything, so around 30 sessions total. I usually just use a bulb syringe and cleanse with warm water. Nothing too special. Takes 5 minutes and I’m ready.

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