Several months later and the Helix Syn still feels like nothing. Could it be too short to touch my prostate?

I've been using this thing about twice a week and still have yet to really feel anything amazing.

I've gotten to the point where my pelvic floor muscles are stronger and can hold tension longer – they used to be so weak I couldn't hold a contraction.

The only time I ever feel anything is when I'm on all fours. I can sort of do this twerking thing (man I hate that word) where my butt and thighs contract, but I can't say it feels great. If anything, it's just tiring.

I bought a glass Onyx the other day to toy around with. Although I could sometimes get it to feel really good, I largely couldn't feel much at all unless it went in really deep. Since this thing is longer than the Helix Syn, I'm wondering if the Syn could just be too short. I'm not tall or anything, just 5'11.

Any help is cool


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  1. I definitely get way better results when I’m on all fours instead of on my back. If that works better for you, then maybe you should stick to that. Personally, I don’t think an Aneros would do it for me (I don’t have one). I feel like I either need vibration or thrusting. So maybe the onyx will give you better results? How deep do you mean by "really deep"?

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