How I had a (mostly) hands free traditional O using Helix and Binaural Beats (repost of comment from another thread)

This is the Binaural Beats I listened to: – I listened to it twice – and used the helix syn. The first time, I lay on my stomach, and the second time, on my back. About every 30 seconds, one of the frequencies goes super low and increases for the next 30 seconds. As it increases, I would contract the helix in, and when it resets low, I would relax and even push it out a little bit – and then contract it back in further and further for the next 30 seconds. By the time the 30 seconds were up, I would have the helix sucked in as far as it would go and I would start to shake, waiting for the next 'reset low'. I did manage to fall asleep for part of the time (hey! it's relaxing!, and I couldn't continue to contract and relax for almost the entire hour), but when I woke up, I started the contracting and relaxing again. Near the end of the second time, I pulled the base of my shaft down (stretching the skin) and came without touching my cock except for pulling the skin tight at the base.


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  1. Thank you for mentioning binaural beats. I listened to the video you linked in your post yesterday. Although I didn’t orgasm, I never had so much pleasure with my Aneros Helix Syn before and it gave me a trance-like experience while laying down in the dark. I’ve never experienced something like this before.

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