My personal experience with the Aneros Helix SYN

I purchased my first prostate massage toy, an Aneros Helix SYN, one and a half month ago and would like to share my personal journey with you. I haven't yet experienced an orgasm with it, but reading the Aneros wiki as well as personal experiences of other users helped me understanding my body better. Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome.

My pre-Aneros experience

One of my favorite things to do (if time permits) is watching porn without touching my penis. I like the warm, pulsating feeling, the feeling of my erect penis rubbing against the fabric of my underwear and I also enjoy the flow of pre-cum. I guess this started when I was a teenager and couldn't whip out my dick in front of the computer. I still do this sometimes until I got quite a bit of pre-cum in my pants. I have never experienced a hands-free orgasm in all these years. At some point I get so horny that I need to jerk off using my hands.

Sometime around 2008 I discovered a video of someone using an Aneros. Interest in Hand-free orgasms and prostate milking led me to exploring my own anal canal and prostate. I had (and have to this day) severe problems finding my prostate with my finger. I did manage to get a flow of pre-cum running, but I didn't find the whole experience very enjoyable. Although I didn't find a magical button that is giving me instant pleasure, I enjoyed getting to know my body a bit better.

What I've learned:

  • How to clean my anal canal for anal play
  • Having an orgasm with a finger in the butt was nice, but massaging the perineum was much less of a hassle
  • I knew where the prostate should be, but I couldn't put a finger on it

My Aneros experience

Before my first use of the Helix SYN I read the Aneros wiki thoroughly. Although I knew to expect little, I was very excited when my Aneros arrived. I couldn't wait to start my first session. I already knew from my previous exploration when the best time for anal play was. I took a quick shower, cleaned and checked my anal canal with a finger. I put a towel on my couch and lay down on my back with the Aneros, some lube and some paper towels. After I applied lube to the Aneros I had trouble inserting it as its girth is bigger than my finger. I just relaxed and put a bit of pressure on the Aneros. It slipped in fairly easy after a while. It fit perfectly into my anal canal without putting pressure on anything. After a while I started to contract my PC muscle. I noticed a slightly unpleasant feeling when I fully contracted it. I did explore some tingling and pulsing sensations but nothing noteworthy. I did get hard every once in a while when something felt good or I got turned on by the porn I was watching. But getting a hard-on was distracting me from the feeling I was currently experiencing. Flowing pre-cum was also a bit distracting. The next few sessions were more of the same except for this: at one point I noticed a familiar feeling. Sometimes when I see a very attractive person my body tells me by having a short pulling sensation in my groin area. I noticed that I could recreate this feeling sometimes. But it was very difficult and I often lost the ability to achieve it by trying too hard.

Buying a jockstrap really helped to keep the distractions to a minimum. It is still a bit distracting when I get hard and my penis is pushing hard against the fabric of the jock, but not as distracting as my erect penis jumping up and down. My pre-cum gets soaked up by the fabric which is also nice. I didn't even notice that pre-cum was leaking out until after the session.

In my sessions in the last days I tried out the tug-of-war technique. At first I got the tug-of-war going by slowly increasing the contraction of my muscles until my muscles started kind of vibrating. But I had severe problems to keep the tug-of-war going. When I got the tug-of-war going, I experienced a pulsating feeling or a tingling which was kind of pleasuring enough that I wanted it to continue. I once felt something which gave me a rush of warmth at some place in my groin area. It felt very good but made me immediately stop the tug-of-war and I couldn't really recreate the feeling in the session. I stopped the session when I knew that I was trying too hard again. I often got hard once the tug-of-war was starting. I often lost the control to start a tug-of-war by trying too hard. I learned to be more relaxed since. But getting pleasuring feelings out of it was sometimes not possible.

Yesterday evening I tried using binaural beats as suggested by liberofree. For some reason the beats helped to get a tug-of-war going while still being relaxed. The tug-of-war was not as strong as on some other days, but I noticed the bulge in my jockstrap jumping up and down which is usually the case when a tug-of-war is happening. I also noticed the tingling feeling that I liked. Then something strange happened: the binaural beats put me in a trance-like state. It wasn't very scary because I knew that I could break out of it if I really wanted to, but I decided to go with the flow. My hands started to shake in the rhythm of the beats until the beats stopped. This experience was so enjoyable that I started another session after pulling out the Aneros and relaxing for half an hour. In this second session I was very relaxed, but noticed the Aneros getting sucked in by unconscious muscle contractions. While the beats were going, the Aneros pushed against the place where the tingling sensation comes from. It's also the place that gave me a slightly uncomfortable feeling while exploring my butt with a finger. I'm guessing it's my prostate. During the session my body started to shake from the beats, but it was distracting and I decided to stop the shaking intentionally. I ended the session after the beats slowed down and stopped. I took a quick shower to get some of the lube off and went to bed with a wonderful feeling about what I had experienced.

Today I can still feel the pleasuring spot which I think is the prostate. I get some pleasuring feelings out of it if I concentrate on it. I think I got an idea of what P-waves might feel like. I still got a lot to learn.

What I've learned:

  • I can't/shouldn't force anything and should just enjoy whatever I'm experiencing
  • I'm starting to get more control over my PC/sphincter muscles
  • Getting the tug-of-war going gets easier
  • I'm starting to understand where my prostate is
  • I'm starting to understand what P-waves are
  • Using the Aneros can be a refreshing experience without getting off

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  1. I haven’t seen the tug-of-war before! I discovered something similar using just my sphincter but I think that method is better. I’ll have to give it a shot. It sounds like you’re making great progress. I’ve found using audio porn versus visual works better as well since it allows me to focus on my body much better.

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