Anal play is a lot messier than what I’ve read

I've been messing around with an NJoy Pure Wand and Aneros Helix Syn for a few months now. Sometimes I can get a good feeling, but I haven't exactly had a fantastic time.

Part of that is because how much trouble it is to clean up afterwards.

I take a dump at least an hour before doing anything anal. I wash my asshole really well before putting anything in it. I have not used an enema, although I'm not sure that will change all that much.

When I finally pull either toy out, there are brown stains and maybe even a bit of shit on the toy. The smell is terrible. There's usually brown/watery stains on the towel when I'm finished, a mix of shit and lube. After thoroughly cleaning the Helix Syn with soap and water, it still has a pretty gross smell to it.

Last week, I used the Pure Wand and somehow triggered my system to shit everywhere. I ended up wiping my ass forever. I barely even had it inside me.

It's really hard to get horny and do anal play when I know how aggravating the cleanup is going to be. As you can tell, I'm frustrated, and I almost want to just stick with jerking off to avoid cleanup.


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