Tried for months, still hasn’t worked for me! Please advise…

So I've tried about once a week or once every other week for months now, and still have yet to have any success. The best I've done was using the aneros hypnosis file – I think having something give me instructions helps. However, I'll keep contracting and pushing and won't have anything like an orgasm. Sometimes it makes my bladder feel full, I will go and empty it and will have lost any desire at that point. More often than that, I will get the worst case of blue balls ever. Even a traditional o won't cure it. I never get erect, have precum or any type of orgasmic sensation, and really eventually just loose my desire. I'm open to any suggestions – unfortunately marijuana is not an option (I've heard it helps).



  1. Just get absolutely relaxed, a little bit of alcohol didn’t hurt (I felt that two rounds are too numbing, need to confirm). I can tell you what didn’t work for me (but I’m still working on it): – many positions – I have to use two chairs to sit on them or put my ass up or standing up (in the order of good feelings), – contractions – contracting in and out did not work so well, it never brought any good feelings, holding it slightly can though (there is PC and sphincter and I have trouble individually controlling these) – holding it too tight – kind of feels good when it’s a bit tight, fills the space, but not pressing anywhere (that’s where I start experimenting with holding muscles contracted) – having too long sessions – I try to keep it in 30 minutes until I know what I’m doing – having a full bladder or starting to feel shit coming – kills the mood (you can continue after urinating though but it might be a sign of a too long session) – pulling it too far in – my prostate is not there, the shit is though – having my cheeks tight – it only pulls it too far and with no wiggle room – I can’t decide if porn helps or distracts – I think I find calmer ones more satisfying, more in line with what I’m try to do, I also watch faces or notice the pleasure When erection comes I know I’m doing something right. What helps is getting it in really slowly and letting my ass take it only as far as it wants to – no pushing. Also pulling it out and resetting can help and I need to keep eye on the P-tab which likes to get off center. The funny thing is that I don’t really get horny during the day (I jerked off twice in the past 9-10 days), I guess even the failed massaging is taking the tension off even if I didn’t hit any serious jackpot. I still have a nice buzz and flutters right now, I feel relaxed and not like jerking off (penile orgasms tend to get depressing). Also if you have Progasm, while I would love to try how it’s different, I do think it might be too big to start with. Any experienced users please feel free to discuss/confirm any of the points. I’d love to learn what works, several P-waves was my personal best but I loved it.

  2. If you have the time I would recommend more frequent sessions (minimum 2 per week or more) for several months and see if that gets things going. You won’t always need to be that frequent once you have success but it helps in the beginning

  3. I think I’m getting hang of it. The key is not to have it pushed too far and then very softly squeezing it into place. This seemed to work in the standard User Guide position too, which barely did anything before, I felt prostate(?) pulsating which is always a good thing. This was when I was ready to quit convinced that I will just jerk off today and give it a rest for a while but I will have to try this again tomorrow even though I tried a thousand things today.

  4. Hey ya’ll, /u/casual_handle I’m glad your here in this discussion with us. I want to point /u/Newtoss88 to [my reply](Helix/" rel="nofollow ugc"> to your post the other day because there are a couple people recently getting frustrated and feeling "blocked". I apologize for replying a few days after the initial post, but I would love to see the discussion keep going. First, I think /u/bssmith1414 had a good point. More frequent sessions definitely can help. Just wait until you can’t stop thinking about how insane the last session you had was and you lose focus at work etc. I wouldn’t recommend worrying about if your penis is erect, flaccid, or anywhere in between. Don’t touch your dick, that’s all. Also, I think the Progasm is super awesome. I have both the Progasm and Helix. I also accidentaly started with the Progasm and feel that I progressed much more by eventually purchasing and using the Helix. It sucks to drop more money on another toy, but it may help. It’s like starting a video game on the hardest difficulty the first time you play it. You might pwn super hard eventually and say to yourself, "fuck yeah! let’s go for the Progasm difficulty", but a newb would probably just end up becoming frustrated. Here is what I did the first time that I had a HOLY SHIT I’m having a huge O-moment, is this really happening, *uhnnnnn*, etc. – Three full days without masturbation, cumming, even thinking about sex – Then I had three consecutive days WITHOUT cumming after my aneros sessions. Sorry about the blue balls you mention, I struggled with that too and it sucked. I can say, however, it gets better the more experienced you get somehow. – Days 1 and 2 were with my Helix. Day 3 was with the Progasm and that was when I had my first huge huge huge O and have been in love with my aneros ever since. The following days I would get insanely horny just thinking about that O and how good it felt. Now I can have orgasms without even having an aneros inserted. You will probably have to adapt this to your personal likes/dislikes and that is fine, but I wanted to share my experience. Overall, just keep at it!

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