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Ok. So, I'm back with more questions. I got my helix syn last December. I use it on average…once or twice a week. And when I say "use" that's maybe not exactly accurate. "Try to use" I suppose is more accurate. It hasn't give me great feelings yet. One time I was one the verge something, but then it went away (I think I got too excited).

So my questions are these:

  1. If I'm doing it right should I be leaking precum? I've heard a lot of people say this is the case, but perhaps only if you're milking the prostate or applying a lot more pressure but not with the helix syn?

  2. I've also heard people say "Oh you'll know it when you hit it". Well, I don't really know it. Does that mean I haven't hit it? When I have the device inserted, it doesn't give me especially good feelings. It doesn't give me bad feelings, but generally it doesn't feel like much of anything. Someone suggested perhaps I have it in too far? And maybe its not as high up as the toy is reaching?

  3. I can't find my sweet spot. Believe me when I say I have read every post and every article talking about it. I've done what all the literature says to do, but I can't find any spot down there that does anything different than any other spot. And I've spent some time. Any thoughts?

  4. I read a lot of articles about this stuff. Trying to learn as much as possible and figure it all out. On thing has me a little confused. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a prostate orgasm is different from a super O? Yes? A prostate orgasm is maybe stronger than a regular orgasm, but is an ejaculatory orgasm that occurs from massaging the prostate but not touching the penis? Whereas a super-o is MUCH stronger than a regular orgasm, usually involves full body feelings and is produced through relaxation and gentle pressing on the prostate? So even though aneros makes the "Vice" (the vibrating massager) that would be more to induce a prostate orgasm than a super o? Because in other threads people say "Oh don't use a vibrating one. That kills all the subtle sensations you're looking for." "Like using a chainsaw to cut butter" I believe is the phrase that was used. Because if that is the case…why make a vibrating one if that's not what you should use? Also are either of these things different from an anal orgasm and if so…what's an anal orgasm?

  5. Muscle groups. I feel like the more I've been doing this the more muscle groups I'm finding as I squeeze and contract and whatnot. I'm having a hard time distinguishing one from another. I don't even know if I'm doing kegels right any more! You've got your rectal muscles, your anal muscles, your pelvic floor muscles and I don't even know what all else. How can I be sure when I do contract them while using the syn, that I'm contracting the right ones? I've understood from people the whole "just do whatever feels good" thing, but as I mentioned before…I seem to not have gotten great results that way.

  6. I've read a lot about breathing but I've found it is a little vague. Breathe in short breaths like you are panting? Or breathe from your stomach and not your chest? Can someone break it down a little for me?

Sorry this is a long post. Thanks for you help! Muchas Gracias


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  1. My point of view: 1. I rarely got more than a droplet of precum. I expect this to change once I can keep it going for 30 minutes or so… AFAIK precum is actually triggered by Cowper’s gland which is located even closer. 2. You’ll know when you orgasm but I don’t feel much inside. 3. I think that’s the place where it comfortably sits in. Which is nice but I don’t know, I don’t feel too strongly about it and it doesn’t seem to correlate with my successes. 4. I don’t believe so, I think it’s the exact same orgasm but I can imagine that if you get a lot of them it will be that much better (thus Super-O). I think everything can be explained in regular terms and can be learned, there is no magical button. I find it frustrating that people who can easily do it can’t really explain because I feel that week after week I’m able to get closer to understand it. Vibrating plug did not work for me either and did not feel good but as I said, there are things that clearly work. I think Revo’s rotating head or something (some kind of vibration at the top of the thing, as opposed to the regular vibration at the base) actually creates the movement that’s supposed to happen with Aneros. 5. I don’t think conscious effort to control with contractions is going to cut it. It’s too distracting and tiresome. Holding toy in good position on the other hand sounds like a good idea to me. 6. Breathing in some positions can create the good type of movement. Again I don’t think focusing on breathing is going to cut it either. Just breathe, holding breath (which happens to me) is counterproductive. That said, have a look at the other thread. There’s something I think is the key I was missing – making toy move with body movements. It all makes sense to me, if you try to jerk off with toy inserted you’ll feel tugging on your prostate. If this is true then you can slowly build your arousal and keep it going. Every time I lost it it was probably because I stopped any ubtle movement to observe what’s happening (I was always on my toes which I suppose created tension and imbalance which resulted in these slight movements).

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