Am I doing it right?

It’s my first time posting here and I’m very glad to see there’s an Aneros community presence here on Reddit. I first invested in an Aneros (MGX) maybe 6 years ago, but never really gave it a chance. I would overthink every motion, became frustrated and put it into a drawer to be forgotten until about a month ago.

My boyfriend has the same model and has had the amazing, desired results from it—not only can he quickly experience a Super-O every time, but when I rub his perineum, it sends him down the same path even though there’s no Aneros inserted. That being said, it definitely re-piqued my curiosity to work my way up to that point. He says much of it is exercise… that building up your PC muscle is a great way to get things going down there, just because when it’s a bigger muscle, it’s rubbing against the prostate more. So he basically would do a kegel and then a sphincter contraction (with the Aneros in, toward the beginning of his journey) to build up and better separate these muscle groups. Now, he has very sensitive nipples, so rubbing them would basically activate the PC muscles without thinking, which is a big bonus. I have noticed that his perineum area is larger than mine and rock hard when he has a hard-on. I’m guessing this is due to his exercising of that area.

So 6 years later, I decide to give it another shot… after 2 weeks, nothing really happens. I start doing kegel exercises at my desk during work, but have found that I am unable to hold a contraction without it going into spasm. If I sit completely upright, this feeling is intensified and I get a shock down to the tip of my penis while doing this. Sometimes, my anal muscles will join in and start to flutter as well. It’s not an intense contraction, but pleasurable, none the less. When I stop voluntarily doing these contractions, I will once in a while get an involuntary contraction, both within my PC muscle and sphincter. Many times separate, but sometimes simultaneously.

Like I said earlier, I had the MGX but recently decided to pick up a Helix Syn after reading many testimonials online about how this model was the one that took them over the edge and awakened their prostate. So I do the usual—put it in, wait 10 minutes, relaaaaax. When I ever so slightly start to contract my sphincter muscles, my PC muscle starts to flutter, as if I’m voluntarily doing the kegel my body will allow me to do. During this, I’m trying to relax my PC muscle as much as humanly possible.

My question (sorry about the long read) is, should I ignore trying to contract my PC muscle and just focus on subtle, light sphincter contractions which trigger these PC flutters? Do most people relax their anus, and do a kegel instead of the opposite, which is essentially what I’m doing? Is this automatic fluttering a good sign that I’m on the fast track to rewiring my body for prostate orgasm?

Thanks in advance for your responses.


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  1. I can actually relate to all things you said but I am not able to reproduce any of my successes. I didn’t really think this muscle can grow much bigger, I think I have good control. I had no success with flutters, it only meant it’s pretty hard to hold whatever contraction I’m trying to do (there is more pressure in positions where I’m bending over/kneeling so it’s easier to do this kind of thing but it never lead anywhere so far). Are you two built differently? Is he bigger than you? I honestly don’t even know how it’s supposed to fit me even though I had some notable successes (unreproducible), it didn’t feel like it’s too far inside me though. Maybe I need to try more this position where I’m bent over to put pressure farther…

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