One size does NOT fit all

My extensive experimentation yielded an epiphany. I tried to hold my Helix so it does not come too close and that's what made the damn thing work. I feel so stupid because I was complaining that it goes too far all the time.

Alas, I did not come, it was at the end of a very long session and I felt tired too. What I did was that I quickly made a P-tab extension. I cut off a cork from a Port wine stopper, made a cut wide enough to hold on and a quick try felt pretty good.

In my next session I continued where I left off, I was trying to lie on the floor (the hard surface does seem to make positions on my back not interfere with the handle). I tried various positions, unfortunately I got to pee after 30 minutes but I tried again. After another 30 minutes I tried my trusty chair position and that has caused me the most intense sensation, once I thought I am close to orgasm but the extension was pulled downwards from P-tab. I tried again and almost got on the same path but after 70 or more minutes total the lube was all dried up (I didn't use much by the way and it still worked!).

So what did I learn from this?

  1. It should at least feel nice all the time
  2. It isn't something you do, it's all about the position, angle and pressure (even all kinds of contractions suddenly felt good).
  3. I need to think of a better extension

This also explains why I was able to orgasm with a dumb plug on the first try even though it does not hit the spot as well or as loosely (it's silicone and more flexible though). It has bigger beads at the base and this pressure also feels nice itself, I think the biggest one presses against Cowper's gland.

My extension makes the P-tab reach about over 1/2 inch farther. The cork base is pretty comfortable and prevents sliding to the side which was another issue I had.

If you've got any ideas of how to make better extension I'm all ears. I might try to make shorter one but I feel it has to be at least 1/4 inch, it feels better if it's longer and digs in when it start's pulsating though.



  1. It’s just a piece of cork from a stopper like [this]( I made a deep cut across where I cut it off to fit the P-tab disc into it. I made a new one from another cork stopper without that plastic base. This one is sturdier, it actually may be some kind of dense foamy plastic with another layer of plastic around it. I made only a hole big enough for the P-tab disc but still thinking about how to lock it in place…

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