Can’t believe it happened already

I bought an aneros four days ago. Until now I was never interested in anal play, but I've seen some videos of men using it and it looked fun (and a little bit scary, with all the twitching and stuff). I also bought a simple prostate massager, because I was in an adventurous mood that day. I read a lot about having to wait a long time to "cross over" and reach an anal orgasm (or Super-O), that's why I was pleasantly surprised when today, after four days and four sessions only, I had an experience that can only be described as "prostate ecstasy". Calling it "orgasm" is not really correct, because an orgasm ends, but what I experienced was continuous. Wave after wave of pleasure. Even at "low tide" the sensation was strong enough to lose almost all control over my body. I was shivering, gasping and laughing all at the same time. And even now, after more than 4 hours the beautiful feeling echoes.

What I felt today was more intense than any orgasm I ever had and that's why I decided to post my way of achieving it, hoping it might help someone else.

Day 1: Bought the Aneros (the new Helix model), the prostate massager (something like this: and enough lube to slide from here to Botswana. When I came home I took a shower, cleaned my butt and started with some finger play because the massager looked quite big and I wasn't gonna just shove it up there. Why the massager and not the aneros? I already knew that with the aneros I wouldn't not do much except contract and relax, but as a butt virgin I wanted to get to know my prostate better before. In retrospect I think that this was not a bad idea at all. Because with the massager in place and my hands pushing and pulling it I managed to get a pretty good feeling for my below-below regions. The aneros only really works when you can "focus" on your prostate and working and sort of training with the massager helped enormously with that. I might have overdone it a bit that day, because hours later when walking somewhere something in my butt started swelling up a little bit, with every step I somehow stimulated my self more and more until I had to sit down on a bench for some minutes. Pleasant, but not really appropriate outdoors.

Day 2: Time for some more prostate massaging. I learned some new tricks with my massage toy and for the first time I felt the "glowing" between my balls and my anus (it really feels like some sort of glowing orb of good feelings). I actually wanted to try the aneros but somehow I got distracted by the porn on my laptop and I had an traditional fap with the toy inside me. Came really good and decided to give it another try tomorrow as it was getting late.

Day 3: This time the pleasure was there almost instantly, like everything in my ass was just waiting for me to show it some love. After I enjoyed the rubbing of the massager for some time I thought about giving the aneros a try. At first I was afraid that I would not feel much since the aneros is of considerably smaller scale than my massager toy. But I guess the increased blood flow made everything swollen and tight, so no problem there. It felt good, pulling it in and pushing it out just with the muscles in my ass. But I needed some time to realize that small motions are key with the aneros. Its not like stroking your dick, faster and bigger motions do not work better than taking it easy. I realized that I could not force anything physically but what I could do was focusing on every good feeling that arised. Sometimes I would get a tingling sensation in the tip of my dick (which was rock hard all the time), sometimes in my balls but for the most time it stayed deep inside my abdomen. You really have to focus though, for me everything was starting to be distracting. The porn (which I shut down immediately), the bright light of the window and even the feeling of my twitching cock, bouncing up and down on my belly without control. Because now the twitching had started, controlled contractions where no longer possible so I just let everything happen. The twitching was in the same muscle you use to hold your pee. After a while I got an extreme urge to touch my cock, but I read everywhere that this was not a good idea because it distracts from the prostate so I resisted. Then somehow I lost my focus and the twitching stopped and with it the pleasure. Decided not to fap to "save my self up".

Day 4. This time I started with the aneros from the beginning. And very quickly I entered the twitching stage. But something was different, the twitching was not only in my abdomen but sometimes my hand or my foot would twitch too. I knew this could happen, but it was still somewhat freaky. Then something unexpected happen, suddenly my ass contracted extremely hard, hard enough to forge diamonds out of coal. This was accompanied by a beautiful buzzing in every muscle. More accidentally than deliberate I discovered that trying to push out the aneros would enhance this feeling enormously. So basically your body wants nothing more to contract but you don't let it and fight. This was the key to the next stage, when the fun really began. I felt something building up, the glowing orb was back and it was growing larger and larger. Then it exploded and a cool wave flowed over me, I felt it and at the some time I could actually see it, it was a circular wave consisting of white stars. But I would be lying if I said that this wasn't also a bit scary, because the feeling that came with the wave was the same feeling I knew from fainting! I knew of people that claimed to loose the idea of time and reality when coming with the aneros, but loosing consciousness was not what I had signed up for. Luckily the feeling passed quickly and I felt like I had crossed some invisible border, because now I really did not have to do anything, I was a puppet. My ass contracted and released on his own and I was busy twitching with my whole body like a maniac. I almost never make any sounds while masturbating or fucking, but now I moaned, gasped and wheezed like I was possessed by a demon (a nice demon with detailed knowledge of the male anatomy). Sometimes the contractions inside me got crazy fast and it felt like I had bought a vibrator. All I had to to was to guide the vibrating thing inside me to my sweet spot and another round of convulsions would come over me. Then I started playing with my dick, I realized this only after a couple of minutes because I was so busy not shouting something like "Jeesusfuckyeahohmygodahhhh". This is supposed to be a no-no but somehow I managed to stroke my dick while still being able to focus on the feelings inside me. When I finally came (in the traditional way) there really was no spot in my body that did not feel like it was made out of electricity and fire. I lost control over everything including my dick and shot load after load on my bed while, there is no way to sugarcoat it, sobbing. After some minutes of heavy breathing and "whatthefuckjusthappened?" I got up and took a shower. I was completely and utterly wasted, in the best way possible.

I really, really reccommend trying this out. I'm gonna take a nap now and afterwards I'm going for round 2!

(Please excuse any spelling mistakes, english is not my first language. And also I'm still a bit high from my experience)


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  1. You may be on to something big here…. I’m thinking the anal contractions one does leading up to the Super o session simply does what you manually did with the non-aneros manual prostate massager. Many people in the aneros forum (newer posts) say that doing about 15-20 minutes of kegels to stimulate the prostate before aneros insertion does the trick. Getting the prostate swelled makes it easier for your surrounding muscles to activate the prostate spasming that’s oh so pleasurable and seemingly right around the corner for many. Has anyone manually used an aneros to "rough up" their prostate before falling into the routine of letting it do its thing?

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