Had one crazy orgasm…I want more. Looking for tips

Hey everyone, I'm very new to prostate orgasms…this is actually my first week of trying to accomplish the goal. Anyway, for the last few days while playing with my toy I have been laying on back. I have been using my internal muscles to pull the toy vertically, up and down my body (from head to toe). I have had a few moments here and there where it feels pleasurable, but nothing too crazy. There were maybe one or two moments in which I thought I was coming close to an orgasm.

Yesterday while I was trying to reach that super O again, I realized that moving the toy vertically was not what I needed to do…instead it had to be moved horizontally through my body, from back to front (towards the penis). When I discovered this, I could actually feel the toy pressing against my prostate. The sensations started moving throughout my body. My legs started shaking a little bit, breathing got heavy, but again, it wasn't anything crazy explosive. Anyway, after about an hour of trying, I decided to jerk off and go about the rest of my night.

Well…HO-LY shit! As I was jerking off, I was pressing the toy against my prostate with my internal muscles. As I was about to reach cum, my entire body started shaking. My legs were flaring all over the place, my breathing got ridiculously intense, and I started to moan like I never have before. I had about a 10-15 second orgasm (it looked like I was having a seizure). It was, hands down, the most explosive orgasm I have ever had in my life. I've never felt anything like that before.

I believe that I had a Super-O while jerking off…the question is, how do I achieve that without touching my penis, and do it multiple times? What I'm looking for is for you guys to tell me what you do with your toy inside of you. Is there some type of rhythm you follow? Do you press the toy against your prostate and leave it, or do you press it, release, then press again? I really, really, really want that Super-O to happen again. Thanks!

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  1. I think there are different opinions out there of what you describe. I say nay. 1. I find any single toy inside of me while jerking off traditionally to be taking away from the climax I normally achieve (I’m not talking about quick jerks, but at least 15-30 minutes). With toy it feels intense leading up to the climax but the actual orgasm does not feel nearly as good because of the increased pressure. 2. Your description sounds exactly like when I get more amount of pressure. I find that to be a mixture of pleasure and pain but it took me some time to understand that as I never felt it before. Never entirely liked it and it made me sore down there if the toy is big and/or it’s going on for some time. Be careful, at least put a time limit on it, but I don’t believe it leads to orgasm. I don’t know what Super-O is, once I had two orgasms side to side (it’s a peak very much like my traditional one) but other times it was separated by at least two minutes. Never once was a serious amount of pressure involved. I imagine Super-O is just more/many of these peaks repeated. There is usually longer period of pretty ecstatic feeling involved that may or may not lead to actual orgasm, this of itself is pretty good even without the orgasmic peaks. I wonder if some people count this elevated state into Super-O. I feel there is much misunderstanding because sometimes I see encouragement of practices that I’m 99.9% sure I experienced and they are not leading to orgasms and my body tells me they are harmful. From my experience so far I view it as a continuous state of body and mind which you can imagine as a graph, the more elevated it is the more pleasure and each period can feel as different height. Orgasms so far being single peaks for me, I can’t compare how much higher they are, they are the point of my sessions but elevated states are pretty worthwhile if they get high enough (they felt pretty good two days ago with no orgasms but weak today with orgasms). My record is two peaks and something that is about a halfway there (four times already), longest continuous elevated state was about over 10 minutes. To achieve it I don’t do anything except getting aroused (porn works for me, I don’t touch myself). I can’t pay attention to what is going on down there because I don’t exactly know what to do to help it (yet?). Single best advice I can give is: it feels like barely anything happens and it is entirely pleasurable. There is no doubt, no "is this it?" but "holy fucking shit don’t go away!". And then it gets even better.

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