As I write this I'm still coming down from my first ever Super-O, nerves are still on edge and my hands are a bit jittery. Roughly two years ago I began my journey with the Aneros Helix-Syn. I've had many breaks, and have probably only used it for maybe 3-4 months, at spurts of 2-3 weeks at a time. I'll try to catalog everything that occurred during my session first as I think most people are interested in that. Afterward I'll go into my preparation and events leading up to this. I have a very "engineering" approach to everything I do as such this may be a bit detailed.

I coated the helix syn in a very thin layer of vaseline, the way I accomplish this is by just globbing it on to ensure an even and full coat, wiping my hand off, then removing the excess with a clean hand until it's shiny and slick. Next I internally inserted 5cc (5ml) of astroglide sensitive skin gel. I have a sensitivity issue with glycerin and this is the only water based i could find without it. I then placed a very small amount over the entire length of the toy.

I moved to my bed and loaded up "Dreamgasm" ( This is actually one of my least favorite of the 5 in the series, i find some parts annoying, but its also the one I had my now second best experience with. Earbuds in, lights out, roll to my side, pillow between the knees, one under my head, one cuddled in front of me.

I laid still for about 20 minutes and didn't actually have much going on. I always constantly twitch but no whispers of any activity above normal, nothing I'd write home about. At some point I decided to move the aneros around and I noticed I was doing it with a muscle I wasn't familiar with. I know about the anal contractions and the p muscles, but this was something in between. I feelt like it was moving my taint for and aft and by concentrating on that it felt like I was "brushing" the prostate. I did this for maybe 3 minutes, felt nice but nothing amazing. Then I remembered a post saying the goal was to "polish the button". I decided to try and make circular patterns in an attempt to do that. I distinctly remember that as I'm trying to draw these circles I can't help but move my jaw the same way, I even tried to stop moving it and couldn't. This is when things got very interesting.

As I'm moving the toy in this motion my hips do a quick jerk, it's like when you fall asleep for a second and your whole body gets a small jolt. A few moments later the same thing but a little less. I don't know why but I started to kind of move my hips, along with the toy… and my damn jaw. Boom it happens again. I'm really not understanding what's going on but I've done this long enough to know that anything new is progress. Things are feeling great, but I'm still not really feeling the whisper, then it happens again, body shakes but it feels kind of good. For a half a second I decide I like this shake and want to do it more. That's when I felt the orgasm coming. It's like when chills run over your body, you get all tingly, but this time it came on much quicker, as the first wave hit me my body started to go into the shakes. I don't know if the shakes were causing movement and therefore increasing the pleasure or if the shakes make you release control, thus relaxing the body, but the pleasure kept building. I couldn't control my anal/pc/taingwhatever muscles because I couldn't feel them anymore. The pleasure built to what I imagine is the highest it could go and just… kind of… hung out there. I don't know how long I was there, I'd imagine no longer than 5 minutes and no shorter than 2.

I just laid still for about 5 minutes, my body felt incredibly heavy and weak. It was very similar to having a bad flu, or mono. I checked the video to see I was at 36 minutes (this is how I back tracked my times). I tried a few other positions, still had some body shakes but nothing came back. I tried to "polish the prostate" again but I couldn't. I think this is a new muscle I've discovered and I completely fatigued it, no strength left at all. I still have a few body echos right now, whole body still tingling and warm. I actually have no desire to do anything sexual, the whole processes seemed to transcend sexuality. It feels like the glow of pleasure with none of the horniness.

Anyway, just wanted to share this before I forgot what went into making it. I'll include some surprising insights into my preparation, some things that I thought would derail me and evidence that anything can turn out great.