Would anyone be interested in a stainless steel Aneros?

I've only been using an Helix Syn for about a month now. I've been doing some reading about solid steel butt plugs (specifically the nJoy series) and many reviewers comment on the benefit of added weight. I love the form of the Aneros and I was wondering what other people thought of the possibility of adding more heft to that form. I'm betting that a solid steel Aneros model would be more expensive than most of their current line. But don't you think people would be willing to spend more on a product if it genuinely improved the experience?

Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/3oeuql/would_anyone_be_interested_in_a_stainless_steel/


  1. I think it would be nice. I’m a fan of steel toys in general. nJoy even makes a prostate toy called the pFun plug. My worry with Aeneros would be a ridiculously high price. Considering the current product is cheap plastic and not cheap in price, I think they’d want well over $100 for it.

  2. True but I think the asking price for the vice is over $100 msrp. I have no idea whether it was a financial success for them. But if it was a success, I wonder if they would give it a try? Here’s hoping.

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