[advice] I’m lined up to have a massive session tonight but could use some pointers/tips

I was out of town since Friday, sharing a hotel room with family, so I haven't gotten off in about 72+ hrs. I typically ejaculate at least once a day before I get out of bed in the morning, so this is rare for me and my sexual energy has been building and building. This evening I will get the place to myself for a bit, so it's basically the perfect storm to have a monster session. So I'm asking for advice:

During your best session(s) what are some things you did before/during/after the experience that really made a difference in separating it from a normal experience to an amazing one. Things that brought on really hard super os, or rolling orgasms, or multiples with short lag periods, etc.

I'm thinking about things as simple as a hot bath before hand, to more complex things like a very specific body positioning or listening to music or porn. Just about anything that really made a difference for you that I could easily replicate.

I'll be using the helix syn but I also have the progasm, eupho syn, peridise, MGX, and Maximus. I also have some Lelo products and dildos that are fun to use after I've been riding the aneros for a bit.


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  1. Hello, hope I catch you in time. Sounds like it’ll be an awesome night Things to do before your session…. – yoga – seriously the best sessions I’ve had I’ve always done a little yoga before. I can start feeling those muscles contract and move down there immediately during Savasana, but I’ve been doing Yoga for a while so I understand that this might not be as accessible to others. – meditate – similar to before, but anyone can meditate. It helps you stay focused and remain in the moment. Just do a short 10 min session from [youtube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoYnqvadurgz) video or something. – dance – I have a feeling that there are a lot of similarities between the aneros and dancing. You get very in touch with opening up to yourself. The body movements of dancing are naturally rhythmic and you have to feel loose and comfortable with yourself. IF you REALLY get into it, dance can become almost involuntary-ish in much the same way that the aneros works in that same contradictory way. I just discovered /r/romanianhouse on the sidebar and it is my kind of techno, lol – warm bath – good idea, shower, sauna, hot tub are all good relaxers – exercise – I think any exercise in general will assist you. Not only for endorphins, but I think a lot of people need to burn off that nervous energy. Work hard, play hard. Exercise a little and no doubt be able to relax and lay back and enjoy your aneros session that much more. – arousal – watch the sexiest porn. Play with your body, everything but your penis. How much can you tantalize yourself by rubbing your nipples, lower abdomen, inner thigh, perineum, etc.. Everyone has their own spots they like to be touched. Get your entire body along for the ride. It will undoubtedly make a difference AND you can use these errogenous zones *during* your session too. – release your expectations – I don’t want you to block yourself because you **expect** this to be the craziest session. Remember to just enjoy what happens, don’t force your expectations on this! – Masochism – I like a little pain once in a while. Its no where near as exciting to inflict upon yourself as with a partner, but it can ramp up arousal. Use an egg timer and a clothespin as a make shift nipple clamp. Obviously not up every ones alley, but I wanted to demonstrate that any kink or fun personal touch/flare can be added to spice things up and make this session special. – switch up toys – you mentioned that you have other models of the aneros. Switching from starting on your Helix and then going to another can really show you how different contractions can cause different sensations and motions within. This is a good way to really start pinpointing what works for YOU instead of reading others experiences. I am by no means an expert on this stuff, I simply wanted to give you more ideas. Use one, mix and match a couple things in sequence, or use none as the world is your apple. My best sessions were had when I didn’t get in my head too much and was just enjoying the ride :-). Hope you have a blast tonight!!!

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