Coconut oil! Yes!

I tried using coconut oil instead of lube last night, and I am a convert! This was the first time that I could really feel the Aneros freely moving inside me.

With regular lube, it would go in but there was always a little friction when it was in, so I ended up having to squeeze very hard to get anything going, and I got pretty frustrated, even though I had some great hand-assisted orgasms with it.

But, last night with coconut oil, I could just barely contract my muscles and the Aneros would wiggle around and do wonderful things. So, I could really relax and play around with doing little things and feeling the results. There were two times in 30 min that I got into a groove and my cock got so hard. It felt great! (But, I didn't super-o…)

I finally feel like I'm going in the right direction with my Aneros!