A whole lot of shaking, but nothing else

A couple of questions.

I've been using my Helix Classic for about six weeks now. Recently I maybe had a breakthrough? I'm really not entirely sure.

I start with breathing exercises, then add contractions in conjunction with breathing. After a few minutes, I get into this weird headspace that seems closer to intense meditation than anything else. After that, my eylids flutter and I start having very strong muscle contractions in my abs, thighs and butt, but only a few rectal contractions. This feeling is nice, but there's really nothing at all about it that seems pleasurable and definitely not sexual. I've also not had an erection this way at all, and no prostate fluid or any sense of hitting or stimulating the prostate.

The first time I did this, it was even without the aneros in, and having it in doesn't seem to make any difference at all.

I'm really confused. What's happening is definitely intense, but not at all sexual, and seems to be possible with or without the aneros inserted.

What the fuck is happening?

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  1. let me know if I’m missing the mark, but this is what I think is happening. It’s been noted in the Aneros.com forums that there are 4 levels of arousal/sexual excitement. The typical male, who’s whacking off the typical way, will rush through stages 1-4 with vigor. Our sex organs allow us to do this because, evolutionarily speaking, it makes sense to get off as quickly and powerfully as possible. The female body doesn’t work this way, they have to climb each level in succession, and it’s a much more subtle experience. Especially the lower levels. The prostate is compatible to this, and I believe that you’re experience arousal at these low levels…but because it’s so foreign to you, you aren’t realizing it. In these low levels you won’t get hard, you won’t start panting, and you will lose your footing if you aren’t focused on it. But with practice and exposure this part of your body will become more sensitive and accustomed to these low levels of arousal. I would recommend that you forget about the super-o for your next session, and try jacking off with the toy in you. Edge close to orgasm, but let go of your cock before the moment of no return, and flex your cock muscle. You should feel your prostate on the toy because your so aroused, and it will feel good. This feeling is what you’re going for. In the long run you will be able to get this feeling without using your cock and it will feel great. Just keep at it and don’t get frustrated. It’s supposed to be fun, and a bad attitude will just get in the way. Good luck.

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