Kegeling & Reverse Kegeling refinements, session for 11/5/15

Hi guys,

I would like to thank my Aneros buddy, HopefulMMOer, for our long, fruitful personal/private correspondence on this site. As many of you know, he is into both Kegels and Reverse Kegels.

The Kegel Exercises have been recommended for guys undertaking an Aneros practice. They are very good for developing anal muscle tone and strength which enables a guy to use the various Aneros models with greater confidence.

From the very beginning of my Aneros journey which started on June 3, 2012 with Helix Syn, I have incorporated the Kegels especially with Maximus and both Progasm Classic and ICE which I began using respectively in August and September of that year. In many ways, Kegels and Aneros practice then was hard work and often exhausting. However, when I began using Tempo just after Thanksgiving 2013, the result was instantaneous. Not only was Tempo a pair of dumbbells in my butt developing muscle tone and strength, Tempo propelled my sessions on a higher level than ever before. My sessions became effortless and exciting.

So let me tell you more about Kegels and Reverse Kegels as envisioned by HopefulMMOer. A Kegel is an anal contraction which pulls the Aneros in as far as it can go. A Reverse Kegel is the opposite, almost like taking a shit, but you do not expel the device.

A guy reaches a point that his anal contractions with Aneros become effortless and subtle. Most of the time his contractions are coupled with his breathing. His contractions in fact become natural. That has been my experience for many months. Also his anal muscle tone and strength develops in the process. For me, it is like a sport, in my case many years ago when I finally learned to swim as a teenager. I had taken swimming lessons for two weeks each summer from age eight/nine to age thirteen. One day at age thirteen at the town beach, I caught the knack for swimming. Swimming that day became the most natural thing in the world and also very enjoyable. My swimming instructor praised me to the class. I graduated at the end of that class, but improved upon my swimming in my own way. Swimming become my favorite sport, along with long distance walking. Both I look upon as meditative processes for relaxation.

So also with the Aneros now. My Aneros sessions I look upon as times not only for fun and pleasure, but also for relaxation and meditation. When I Aneros, I am meditating upon my body and the pleasure it has for me. So also in Aless which I can enjoy and do at any time if I wish.

This morning I worked in order with Eupho Classic, Maximus, Progasm Ivory, Tempo, and Helix Classic. All these models performed so well this morning! :-]

This morning I concentrated upon both the Kegels and Reverse Kegels. I used very strengths and stroking actions through anal contraction and relaxed breathing. I was awarded with surges of pleasure and electric sexual vibration. Also I am discovering that I can control all this by anal contraction and relaxed breathing action not only in my sessions, but also in Aless! This stop and go technique is suggested in "Aneros Directions for Use" which is in the Aneros Learning Center. Also Kegels and Reverse Kegels and also the stop and go technique works hand-in-hand with the Tug-of-War technique.