My Journey with Prostate Massage

Barely into my 20s, I experimented with solo masturbation. Meaning, I was already well-versed in jacking off, but…was there another way? One night, under cover of darkness (ha) I tried something new. I noticed when I jacked off, something "inside" would tighten. This, together with "rubbing" would produce the desired result. So, I figured, how about if I just "tightened"; no rubbing? It took a while, but paid off in a most sublime climax, lengthy and…peculiar. Delightful. It seemed to take a lot of effort, and what seemed like an hour, as delightful as it was, I wouldn't be going back there for a little while. My normal second-hand forays would have to do. And so they did. Of course, often after that, would you believe 40 years?.. I'd try to recapture that same feeling, with the same climax. The "feeling" was possible to recapture but it never crescendoed once into it's desired result. Not once.
Into my 60s I was going through a rough time romantically, sexually. One time, getting ready to have nap, I flopped down on the bed, on my side, knees bent. That "feeling" was there, quite strong. I realized it had something to do with my position (lying on left side). I noted this.
I noted this and "concentrated" on this feeling and while experimenting one day, my feelings rose to a pitch where it hovered and crossed over a point of no return and I dry-orgasmed. It was delightful. Aha! It was back. I tried over and over, over perhaps a year and had many pleasant experiences. I noted two major requirements: Concentration and Time. They usually took an hour to accomplish. Something I could only do if I had time and was alone. Business trips were good. I'd lie down for a nap and go to town.
My procedure was to lie down, on left side, remove pants and underwear, and bend my knees. And not do anything, but concentrate on the feelings, and perhaps let erotic thoughts waft into my head. Most times I'd get off, trip into a dreamy dry orgasm land and have multiple soft, gentle climaxes. Some sessions were better than others. Some were duds, one or two were so powerfully erotically, I have not been able to supersede them, even with a device up my butt.
I began to look up this phenomena on the web and somehow I got hooked up with Aneros and High Island. The experiences they portrayed sounded like mine, so I made the connection.
To backtrack a little. When I first started to experiment again, in my 60s, I was going through a rough spot even with my sex life, as I began to have lovemaking sessions with my wife that 'didn't work". First time ever, as for our 30 years or more this had never been a problem. Seems like my member, though initially it was eager, soon dried up sexually, with interest, excitement gone. So, this revelation was welcome. Somehow it kick-started me into being more turned on, more active, so it helped and to this day, thank God, that impotency problem has hardly every returned.
OK, so I discovered the Aneros website and wanted to "try one of those". I felt like I knew what they were capable of. All the talk of "rewiring" I immediately understood, as I had been, in a sense rewired.
I now have 5 models, the SGX, MGX, the Eupho, Heli and Prograsm Classic. And I still occasionally go device-less with comparable results.