Cannot Super-O, because I’m out of shape. Suggestions on a regimen?

I've been experimenting with prostate massage (very occasionally ) for quite some time, about 10 years now (I'm 30 now). Just recently figured out how to make it feel good. Even had a wet orgasm from manual stimulation with the njoy pure wand, which is when I really started getting the hang of it.

Problem is, if I use the Aneros or Nexus Revo Stealth, I eventually become fatigued just when it starts to get good.

My back and neck muscles often are clenched because I don't know how to relax them while I'm focused on other parts of my body. Is this normal or is there a trick I'm missing?

I eventually will have back and neck spasms, and heart(?) spasms and will start feeling weak. I won't be able to finish. I worry I am even putting too much strain on my heart because my heart will be working overtime for quite awhile up to this point. Normal masturbation does not do this to me, but that's because the orgasms are much shorter and therefore less energy required.

I'm pretty light weight, about 5'7 and 130 lbs. Diet, sleep, and exercise habits not good on a consistent basis. Obviously I should be better about that but I'm trying to understand the problem better, as well as my own body.

Is this an issue others here have experienced and if so what helped resolve it? I'd like to know what is happening specifically in my body when this happens so I know whether it's something to worry about. Scary that it's very hard to stop that level of pleasure when it's happening even when the possibility of death exists in the back of my mind…



  1. It´s most likely not because your body shape. Your problem is your spasms and clenches. You have to relax, not just your mind but also your body. Even if it´s really good, just let your body relaxed, then you won´t have these spasms and muscle aches.

  2. Yeah this makes sense. My back is extremely knotted up right now after a session. Lots of pain too

  3. Just get out and start walking. You don’t have to run a marathon to get into better shape. Try to eat healther. I’m not talking about a major diet, just reduce the junk food and increase the healthier stuff. I was in terrible shape a few month ago, but after I started walking a few times a week, I have gotten much better. I’ve really built up the muscles in my legs and ass, and I think this helps with my sessions. And if you walk yourself to near exhaustion, it really helps you to relax very deeply, which is extremely important to a good session. It is good for the mind, and the body.

  4. I find that a little bit of audio tends to help me relax. If you head on over to /r/gonewildaudio you can find some good hypnosis tracks. I never really got the hypnosis parts of them to work for me, but they did always help a touch with relaxation.

  5. I’d recommend olympic weightlifting or starting strength. I don’t know if this has anything to do with your problem or not, but they are really great, I hope everyone tries them at some point in their lives

  6. Cardio will help that heart a lot. >Just recently figured out how to make it feel good. Can I ask how?

  7. There is a correlation between squat-performance and kegel strength, because deep squats engage the pelvic muscles, interesting stuff

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