Just one problem

I've had 20 or so sessions feel like I'm close. I just figured out that when I pull my helix syn in just slightly, the smallest amount I can, it helps, but it's hard for me to concentrate on breathing, relaxing, enjoying myself, and pulling it in slightly all at the same time.

Has anyone else had that problem? Is there a position that would work better for me? I've been lying on one side mostly. I'm tall so maybe it's just slightly too short for me.

Sorry for the clicky-baity title. I wasn't sure what to write.

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  1. sitting in a lazy boy/reclining chair with my feet up while watching or reading porn is one of my favorite positions. put a folded pillow under each cheek and even just sitting down can be fun without hindering movement. i hardly ever lay down with it anymore because of movement issues or giving into penile stimulation and dry humping the fuck out of the bed. when it comes to the model i’d say the Progasm Ice is the most stimulating one i own (the other being classic Helix). boy does that pressure get overwhelming sometimes.

  2. I like piling up a few pillows and covering them with my towel. Stradle the pillow pile and you can grind into them to get things going.

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