1. I’d steer clear of coconut oil for butt play, unless you’re more experienced. Coconut oil is absorbed faster by the body and can leave you dry mid-way through. Get regular lube and try that. However, when or if you want to try coconut oil, get any kind for cooking. I buy a jar and take half and put it in a container for play and leave the original jar in the kitchen for cooking.

  2. Ah ok! I suppose I can at least experiment for a bit, too. I just wasn’t sure if there were different kinds etc.

  3. I would recommend getting extra virgin/unrefined coconut oil (any brand will do). If it smells like coconuts when you open it, you know you’ve got the right stuff. Both types will work, but I like the smell and less-processed-nature of the extra virgin/unrefined oil. You can google for some of the differences between the two if you need more detailed information, but most people I know who use coconut oil as a lube don’t use the refined version.

  4. Thank you! I had a feeling others had mentioned unrefined or something, but I just couldn’t quite remember.

  5. are you sure it dries faster than water-based lube (which is recommended for a lot of toys)?

  6. I think it’s absorbed by the body faster, than water based lubes. This has also been my experience.

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