1. Abstinence is your friend. Just kept using your aneros, relax, and your body will take care of the rest. It can take a little time so patience is absolutely key.

  2. I’ve found that abstinence helps a little bit. Any period beyond 3 days and you will find diminishing returns. Kegel exercises have helped immensely in my case. I suspect most of the benefit is due to the increased blood flow down there you get with regular exercise. The muscular control helps too, but that is a secondary benefit I think. I do not touch my penis much at all during a session. It would distract from the feelings you need to concentrate on. I usually jerk off when finishing up, though. Position is key. I find that I have quite a bit of success in the doggy style position with my Helix Syn. I also can get good feelings on my side with my top leg pulled in towards me and bent at the knee. On my back does almost nothing for me. Experiment! I use coconut oil. It works for me, there may be a better option, but I haven’t really experimented too much in this area. My greatest tip for a newbie is to end your sessions jerking while manually rubbing the aneros against your prostate. When you are near the edge, let go of your dick and try to go over the edge with prostate stimulation. This helped accelerate the rewiring process for me.

  3. How do you not ejaculate when you try to go over the edge with prostate stimulation? Or do you? I’ve tried this, but I end up just ejaculating as normal instead of a prostate orgasm.

  4. Yep, ejaculation is meant to happen with that method. It may seem counter intuitive, but I promise that dry, prostate only, orgasms become easier after doing that method over time. Once you find that your prostate is responsive enough on its own, you can discontinue the penis stimulation in your sessions.

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