1. I’m right there with you. The left side is the only one that works for me, pretty much with any toy. Not sure if it’s just from habit or what.

  2. I don’t know either. I have tried on my back but did not get the involuntary movements with my ass vs on the side but, I have had the strange sensation of something always oozing out of my cock though. Felt my stomach after words and it was dry don’t know what that feeling was. It was strange.

  3. I personally use a large recliner that goes back enough so that it’s almost entirely flat but leaves my head up enough to watch porn if that’s what I’m feeling on that particular night. If I’d rather listen to something during the session or anything like that then I do just as you guys do, lay on my side.

  4. I like to pile up some pillows and cover them with a towel, stradle the pillows and you can grind into them

  5. For a nice relaxing session, I liked to lay on my back with my knees bent, or or legs straight and feet wide apart. But for me, I want to crank the intensity up, I go on my knees, bent over something like the edge of the bed or even better, my rolling office chair. This position lets me manipulate the aneros with complete freedom, and makes me leak like a sieve. I usually work up a good sweat when I go at it this way. Man, thinking about it makes me wish I had the time for a session right now.

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