10+ orgasms in one session (follow-up)

I didn’t count them, but I just had more than 10 orgasms in one session with my Aneros Helix SYN and it was awesome!

This is a follow-up to my first post and my second post.

Experiments with coconut oil

After my last post I started to experiment with coconut butter but I didn’t like it very much and soon returned to water based lube. I may try coconut oil again in the future. This tip from anerothon was helpful. I can recommend to prepare some scoops in the fridge or freezer. Keeps the fingers from getting too sticky. Using the freezer may be too cold, be careful!

No progress

Since my last post I tried multiple sources for audio stimulation. I tried some moaning from /r/gonewildaudio because I like to hear moaning (even though I don’t really moan myself). But at some point I always lost my horniness. I also listened to different binaural beats. The ones with deep bass worked best. But sometimes it didn’t work at all. I often got a bit frustrated and changed the audio in the middle of my session. This didn’t help at all. I decided to start over with the do nothing technique and this time I would do it right. I needed to relax.

First success

I remembered Rainy Mood, a site which plays a loop of rain and thunder. I find it very relaxing to listen to the sound of rain. And it indeed helped me to focus on any sensations and relax at the same time. At first it took very long to feel anything at all. The first thing I did notice was the well-known tingling. Sometimes I lost it, sometimes I didn’t.

I can’t remember every session. Sometimes there were weeks between sessions. But there were a few things I noticed throughout sessions: 1. Sometimes the tingling would fade into the background and thinking about how nice it was would involuntarily made me do things that were trying to bring the feeling back but ultimately led to all feelings being gone. Staying relaxed and thinking about the things I felt in the moment would probably be better. 2. There are many different feelings from session to session. Trying to recreate a feeling from another session is impossible. I should just focus on the current session. 3. Shaking thighs aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes I relaxed, the shaking stopped but I could feel the Aneros buzzing instead. 4. Changing the position (even slightly) would sometimes throw me off course. But being in a comfortable position was very important. I should try the recommended pillow under the lower back when laying on my back (i didn’t cut off the handle). 5. I once got a feeling of being kind of filled out. It was nice.

I don’t remember when I first felt a wave of pleasure. But it felt amazing at that time. I wasn’t sure if it was an orgasm (it wasn’t) but it was great anyway. I could feel something build up in my prostate region and then a release of pleasure would follow that went up my upper body. Some of these waves were mild, some were stronger. It was difficult to stay relaxed and not to force anything.

In another session I got my first orgasm. It took very long to build up to it. I could feel the pleasure wave getting bigger, the Aneros was sucked in but my abs tried to push it out. Nice!

Trying to recreate this was difficult. Because I couldn’t force anything. I got frustrated again after my body had the same reaction as the first orgasm but I didn’t really feel any pleasure. It felt like the Aneros wasn’t hitting the spot and my body just tried to mimic my experience.

In my next sessions I got one or two orgasms. They were great. But it always took a while and then I stopped getting an orgasm and I could only get some pleasure waves out of it. Although I felt many new things in these sessions (at one point my soft cock was buzzing, which was very nice), I would have liked to have many of these orgasms in a row. Two times I made myself orgasm the traditional way to end the session (I hadn’t cum in days).

10+ orgasms

My last session was just two days ago. It didn’t feel like my prostate would respond to anything today. My original plans were watching some porn (without masturbating) to get the motor going and having an Aneros session the next day. When I had a shower and cleaned my butt, I snuck a finger inside and noticed that everything was clean. It felt nice When I intentionally brushed against my prostate. This kind of woke up my prostate. An hour later I laid down on my back, put on some headphones with rainy sounds and put some lube on my Aneros Helix SYN.

It immediately felt good when the Aneros slowly slid into me. The do nothing technique worked very well this time. I got almost immediate results. I could feel a light tingling. My thighs started to shake involuntarily. I focused on the feeling I got from the Aneros when it was pushed against my prostate. The shaking stopped at some point and I got a buzzing feeling instead. The shaking started and stopped again a few times. I just tried to relax. I felt a pleasure wave building up. It was kind of underwhelming but I didn’t care. It felt nice nonetheless. I could still feel the tingling. It was probably the Aneros brushing against my prostate. Pleasure waves started building up below (?) the tingling. A pleasure wave grew and made me feel like being filled out inside. Then an orgasm came up from below. I could feel the Aneros being sucked in. My abs started to flex. It was a long orgasm. I started to moan. Then I relaxed. Another one came shortly afterwards. And another one. Sometimes they were kind of overlapping because I could feel the Aneros brush against my prostate mid-orgasm which intensified the orgasm or started a new one.

My body didn’t flail around in ecstasy. But I tried to let go. And it helped to intensify the experience. Sometimes I arched my back. I let out a groan. It was awesome!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/40vpzf/10_orgasms_in_one_session_followup/


  1. Congrats, I’m super jealous. I thought the other day that I had a prostate orgasm while listening to a hypnosis audio from /r/gonewildaudio, but looking back I think my legs were brushing up against my boner too much. It was a kickass orgasm though. Couple questions: 1) Did you have a boner during these orgasms, or were you soft? 2) Did you literally do nothing? Like, were you thinking sexy thoughts? Or were you trying to clear your mind, or focus on the rain? 3) Did you ejaculate? 4) What position were you in?

  2. 1. I had a boner during most of the orgasms. Sometimes the orgasm wasn’t very strong and it was just semi-hard. Got rock hard during the strongest orgasms. 2. I tried to do nothing. I lay very still, tried to clear my mind. My mind does wander off from time to time. I try to relax and focus on what I am feeling. I didn’t force sexy thoughts but they did start an orgasm once. When the sound of rain gets louder, it could start an orgasm or P-wave. 3. I didn’t ejaculate. 4. I lay on my back, head resting on a pillow. a pillow or rolled up towel under my lower back or butt. Knees bent, feet flat on the sheets (near my butt). Sometimes my knees would touch, most of the time they didn’t. I hope this answers your questions. Feel free to ask anything which is still unclear.

  3. Hey, I’m really happy that everything is finally started to fall in place for you. I have not posted in quite a while because I was worried I was misleading people down the wrong path or something. The real number 1 rule should be not to let that dang enemy frustration get the best of you. I think so many newer aneros users have trouble with two things. First, the way they used to masturbate is so ingrained in their head they think they can just apply what worked with penile mast. to aneros sessions. Second, they hear these glowing reports about having orgasm after orgasm so they ignore the subtle feelings that **lead up** to orgasm and quit in frustration that "nothing was happening". For anyone else out there still waiting to be "re-wired" or for your first orgasms to happen the most important lines from octo’s post were….. > felt a pleasure wave building up. It was kind of underwhelming but I didn’t care. It felt nice nonetheless. It felt nice nonetheless. This is so important. Think of it as a massage that helps you to relax. Don’t be in such a hurry and enjoy any subtle feeling of pleasure with the mindset that, "if that was intense as things get (say the session ended right there) I’m still perfectly happy to have felt even that one sensation". Somehow embracing this semi-contradiction is all it takes to take you to the next level!

  4. I literally cannot just sit and do nothing. I fall asleep. I feel this is hindering my progress. It doesn’t matter if I just woke up, relaxing too well causes me to fall asleep or daydream intensely. Maybe I have ADD or something? Whatever it is, I’ve been trying this out for 8+years… feelsbadman.jpg

  5. I never had the problem of falling asleep. I also start daydreaming from time to time while using the Aneros. I’m trying to get back to focusing on what I feel when this happens. Sometimes a warm rush would give me a higher heart rate. That helped to not lose the focus and stay awake. Everyone is different. Good luck on your journey.

  6. I guess everyone is a bit different. That’s why some tips do seem helpful and others do not. It always helped to read descriptions from users who were experiencing similar things that I felt. And there are so many things that one can try out. The journey must be quite difficult for people who didn’t get lucky and found the right way to reach an orgasm in a short time.

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