Would it be a noticeable ‘upgrade,’ to move from the Aneros “Helix” to the “Helix Syn?”

Is there any value in upgrading from the Aneros "Helix" to the "Helix Syn?"

A bit of background; I've never yet experienced what I would call a "Super-O" or a "Hands-Free O" (despite spending a fortune on prostate toys of varying intensity and size). I am still holding out hope for 'someday,' and trying to remain patient and positive.

That said, I do like to change things up, once in a while! Variety is the spice of life. In that regard; is the Helix Syn noticeably better or more comfortable than the "classic" Helix, or would it not make a noticeable difference?

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  1. I can’t answer this directly because I only have the Helix Syn and not the Helix Classic. That being said I do have the Eupho and the Progasm, so I can comment a little bit about differences in texture and shape. Personally I think you’d be better off trying a different model all together. My main complaint with the Helix Syn (especially in the early stages of my journey) was that the level of friction was too high. That could of course be fixed with a good lubricant. But any of the Syn models require either a water based or an oil based lube. The water based lubes would dry out too quickly and I found oil based lines too annoying to clean up. So I figured the next model I would try would be a Classic model so I could try a silicone-based lube. I went with the Eupho and that (eventually) did the trick. The added mobility from a long lasting lubricant and the narrower girth of the Eupho worked for me. I eventually tried the Progasm but that’s more of a "special occasion" Aneros for me. If your current model of Aneros isn’t working, I don’t think changing the texture alone will be a "noticeable" enough change. Also, and this might not factor into your decision but it did for me, if your going to buy a new Aneros, I don’t think paying another ~40-50 dollars just for a new texture is a fair price. I wanted to get something noticeably different if was going to keep spending money. Of course, this all very much a matter of personal taste, but I’d say you won’t find which model works "best" (again, a very subjective term) for you without experimentation.

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