Best way to keep warm without getting in the way?

Hi all, I am a newbie, have tried a few sessions, no result yet. The situation is my place is old and cold and cranking the heat up doesn't help. I usually wear 2 layers or more. For porn watching it's fine as I am aroused and all but the aneros asks for relaxing, and when I lie there for many minutes without pants, it gets cold and I get distracted. Can I be fully clothed? Use blanket? Will that obstruct the movement? What do you guys usually wear?



  1. This is my setup. I lay in bed legs out straight but slightly spread. I am naked from the waist down just wearing socks (warm feet are a must). I wear a shirt but my stomach and nipples are exposed. This keeps my neck/shoulders warm enough. I have a heavy blanket covering my legs up to around my knees. I like to have my penis free of anything. I have also used a portable space heater when the room just wouldn’t get warm up with the normal furnace.

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