Acid Reflux/Heartburn after Using the Prograsm

I'm a total noob to the Aneros and have started with the Progasm. Each time I've used it, after half an hour or so I start to get acid reflux and abdominal discomfort. I've tried searching other forums to see if anyone else has experienced this sort of thing but haven't found anything. Was wondering if anyone here has. If so what advice do you have? As far as I know, I'm using the Aneros correctly, lying on my side with my knees up. I can't for the life of me figure out why this is happening. I've had four sessions and each time it has happened without fail. Any feedback is welcome.



  1. I’ve never experienced anything to like that. Do you get the same experience just be lying on your side (without the Aneros) for the same period of time? Might just be the position. Are your sessions normally on an empty stomach or have you been drinking enough water?

  2. I believe I’m well-hydrated, and while some sessions were on an empty stomach some were about an hour after eating. It could be the position, but on my side seems to be the optimal position for tuning into the aneros. Maybe I just need to experiment more? It’s just really difficult to get totally relaxed if I’m worried abut getting acid reflux the whole time.

  3. Try changing side: > Several studies have found that [lying] on the right side aggravates heartburn; sleeping on the left tends to calm it. The reason is not entirely clear. One hypothesis holds that right-side sleeping relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter, between the stomach and the esophagus. For me avoiding bread, beer andProgasm Icecream/milk before lying down avoid the acid reflux at all.

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