have you ever tried to imagine being a woman?

i am not saying it will work for you but if you are anything like me then it will work wonders.

get comfortable and give it a try. it took me some time but now i have no trouble with it as i know what i'm trying to achieve. i just imagine being a passive woman having sex or doing any thing that doesn't bother me or turn me off, just anything that i wouldn't mind doing. i would like to know if that works for anyone, particularly straight guys that never wanted to have sex with a man and do not take pleasure from anal penetration.

i know there are gay people here too, i'm guessing that it will not work for you but by all means please prove me right or wrong.

you can let me know if it doesn't work after first try either but feel free to revisit the idea any time and update.

you do not necessarily need an aneros session to test the waters. also don't forget to mention your sexual orientation and whether you have success with lesbian or straight sex. pm me or create a throwaway if you don't want to disclose this stuff.

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  1. Being a woman (or at least test driving a woman’s body) is a fantasy of mine. I think about it sometimes during aneros sessions. I suppose it helps me put that unusual source of pleasure in a more believable frame of reference. I especially fantasize this way while watching porn where a woman is clearly having pleasure from penetration. I’ve actually had prostate orgasms coincide with actress orgasms

  2. This has always sort of been a fantasy of mine and I’m straight. At some point I learned that women’s orgasms were longer in duration than men’s which lead me to seek out porn where women are authentically enjoying themselves (having real orgasms). At some point I realized I was turned on by imagining what a women feels like being penetrated, especially at first insertion. I have definitely imagined myself in a women’s place long before ever using an aneros. I can use these thoughts to enhance sessions, but it is just one of the tricks in my arsenal!

  3. Yes! I sometimes like to fantisise about forced feminisation, wearing girly clothing etc. Femdom is a good fantasy to explore with prostate stimulation. It helps get me into the right headspace. The idea that you’re pushing the boundaries of your own sexuality and gender makes it more exciting.

  4. i’d be interested in how those tricks would work for me or if it’s something I’m already doing. since I’m a firm believer that important stuff you do in your head i’m interested in fantasies. PM me if you don’t want to talk about it here.

  5. I have haha! I’ve imagined I’m a woman being penetrated by another woman with a strap on when using this toy before and it seemed to amplify pleasure. Sometimes a guy, even though I’m straight. I think the turn on there lies in that I’m pushing boundaries of my gender. And sometimes I imagine I’m being pegged. Either way it works for me.

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