I think Aneros is just not compatible with my anatomy…

So I started off with a Helix Syn as my first Aneros and hated it with passion. No matter what I did all it resulted in was a sharp pain.

So I moved on to a progasm. I figured since I enjoy plug and dildos I would have a better time with it due to its size. And I was right, as soon as I put it in it was as comfortable as could be. But I have run into another issue.

I just dont think my anatomy is compatible with Aneros toys. While the progasm is comfortable to the point where it will feel like its not even there at all lies the issues. It feels kinda nice when initially sliding it in but after its in I have ZERO sensations at all. To the point where if im sitting there not touching myself I will eventually go soft and thats it, and nothing will happen and eventually the lube starts drying and removal becomes uncomfortable.

So i decided to try willing it around. Nothing. However I did finally find something. I have to pull the toy out by 1/3rd or so and push firmly forward with the tip of it. I found a spot that I can only assume is my prostate. Grinding against that spot gives the slight sensation of needing to urinate in the tip of my member. Continuously working this spot just ends up with drops of semen leaking out but no real sensation other than the urination feeling. I would have kept going longer but I again run into the lube drying and not long after that really cramped hands/wrists. Letting it go and naturally settle into place leaves me again with the no sensations at all. I think it just pulls into me too deep.

So once again im left feeling incredibly disappointed. Im always reading these storys and seeing these videos of hands free orgasms and how the prostate is just the best feeling thing in the world and touching it causes uncontrollable waves of pleasure and what not. Yet I cant even come close to any of it outside of imagination. A part of me thinks its just some huge bs scam. Still cant even find anything even with my finger. I keep being told that I should be able to feel some sort of spongy walnut shaped spot inside me but it all just feels like smooth wall.

Anyways, point being I just dont think Aneros is something that can work for me. I just dont think my anatomy is built for it no matter how much I wish or try.

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  1. if i were to give advice about toys then definitely smaller is better, it’s a tickle (Peridise is as small as it gets). but if you have trouble with toys just try to exercise your imagination without toys, definitely watch porn if you can’t easily make yourself hard with imagination. explore your sexuality and tap into it, that is the key. don’t touch yourself while you’re doing it. and most importantly it’s at least 90% in your head and unfortunately that doesn’t only mean what you do or think, your problems today or your own personal issues can be interfering. everybody’s got something. you need to stop worrying about this and everything else for the moment.

  2. if you can masturbate to porn and orgasm then you can do it. if you ever had weak orgasms and strong orgasms in comparison to them then you’re already halfway there.

  3. Fair enough. I guess ill just have to wait for the right moment to try again.

  4. If you use plugs and other anal toys then you already have a leg up on the competition here. It seems like the aneros is not hitting the right spot, but this is a typical frustration of new users and something I thought at one time too. Don’t look at glowing reports from other users or videos of crazy multiple orgasm because this is not you…., yet!! I promise this is a possibility for you, but the first thing you have to do here is drop the expectations and plug into your own experiences. Don’t worry if this session will bear fruit just try to stay relaxed and feeling any of the little feelings or sensations. It took me a couple months just to get my first p-waves. Frustration will always be a session destroyer. The aneros works well if you maintain a relaxed body and and aroused mind. Those two things are your main allies. Try to keep your body from clenching. Just breath deep stay relaxed and notice any good feelings down there. If nothing happens after twenty minutes just pull it out and take an intermission. Twenty minutes is usually where boredom and frustration tend to overtake if nothing is happening. Keep watching porn for an hour or so and then re lube and try for another twenty minute round. I’ve had session one be little to nothing, but then round two bring explosive goodness. Lastly, abstaining from ejaculation can help you get there faster. Also, half the time try the do nothing technique and the other half try light pc muscle contractions. When you do try contractions keep it super super light. Like five to twenty percent of full strength. Eventually mix those in with some light sphincter contractions, but always keep it very light and do them in sets like sets of ten or so and just relax afterwards to see if you might spark some involuntary contractions. Good luck! Report back

  5. I have a feeling most of this may be in your head. When I first got my Helix Syn I was amazed by how big it was (and I’ve heard Progasm is bigger!) and when I put it in my ass it was really uncomfortable (and hard to put in) and when I did a contraction it felt absolutely horrible (and painful) and I genuinely thought I’d made a mistake. I decided to stop thinking ‘this is horrible’ and stopped doing all these deep breathing exercises and contraction exercises and whatever because it made me really lose arousal and feel really uncomfortable and I was thinking too much. I think arousal and letting go is the biggest key to it. When I was thinking about how big it was and worrying it’d hurt my ass contracted around it and made it happen. I’ve not really been able to identify where my prostate is either like you but I’ve felt pleasure from it and found that sweet spot last night (still no orgasms yet). Try going into it really *really* turned on. In my last session I just lubed it up a ton, got *mega* excited and fucked myself with it, writhed around, played with my nipples, really got into it and turned on, focused on how good it felt going in and out of my ass, it feels heavenly to fuck yourself with it rather than use it the ‘conventional way’. I decided not to expect anything and just get really horny and see what happened. Eventually I stopped fucking myself with it but I was so turned on after it was settled in my ass and and my ass felt really nice from being fucked by it so I focused on that pleasure and used the aneros to amplify it while doing some nipple play and feeling myself up and the pleasure built on it’s own and then I focused on that pleasure, without thinking about x breathing exercise or y worry about it hurting and being uncomfortable. It was all really automatic and natural and occasionally I couldn’t feel it in me, it was just a nice pleasurable feeling. I really do think it’s mind over matter. I might be wrong but reading through this I get the impression you’re mostly lying there not particularly aroused trying to feel something and not feeling anything because you’re so focused on trying to feel it or trying to find some magic way of making it feel right, when really I think you should just get really horny and play with it and find what feels good for you. If I follow the guide I got with it it’s painful and uncomfortable. But when I just let loose and get turned on and play with it it just happens on it’s own. If all else fails, at least you’ll have had a good session with it :), just don’t expect too much and have a good time. Hope that helps in some way!

  6. I have the exact same problem as you do! I was just about to buy the Progasm (and still might) before I read your post. I also cannot find my prostate and feel as if it’s just a wall. And that if I push hard enough on the wall if feels like urination. Whenever I put my Helix Syn in me it just feels like almost nothing is there, like it’s not even pushing or touching my prostate. Perhaps both of us have thick walls from the prostate or have too small sex toys.

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