Some ramblings… Don’t try to force an orgasm, just enjoy the sensations

I just finished a really good session with my Nexus Revo 2 – my best one yet actually – and as I had an amazing time with it I thought I'd post a few ramblings about how to improve prostate play if anyone is feeling demotivated or that they aren't having as much fun as they'd like to have.

First of all, I should say that I've seen loads of posts talking about how brilliant it is to have a prostate orgasm. That's great, but I've found that actually focusing on having an orgasm isn't the way to get the most out of your sessions. I've been practicing for about 4 months now and haven't had one yet, but I've found that my sessions are so much better when I'm not thinking about whether I'll orgasm and instead thinking about fantasies and desires. Before I was getting really hung up on trying to orgasm and it was making my sessions worse. If anyone is in that position as well, don't worry about whether you'll orgasm. It might happen, it might not – who cares? It doesn't matter. Do it for the fun of it, not to reach a goal.

Today I had some really good feelings – I went without any masturbation for about 5 days until throughout the day my mind would be periodically racing with horniness. I did some light masturbation before getting started just to help ease myself into a particularly horny mood. I then stopped masturbating and got going with my Nexus, which has a rotating head for prostate massage and a vibrating base with a pimpled ridge for perineum stimulation (I really like this toy and would recommend it strongly to anyone who's exploring this stuff). After about 15 minutes of playing around with the settings and flexing my muscles I noticed a very subtle, warm feeling in my lower torso. Rather than any localised sensations, it was like a deep satisfaction at the core of my whole reproductive system. It was so good! Once that feeling was there, it stayed with me until I came at the end of my session. For most of the time when I was doing prostate play alone, I went between being hard and soft, but I was continually aroused and enjoying myself the whole time, though I'd occasionally get a bit exhausted and feel the need to stop for a rest (anyone have any tips for this?). After 45 minutes, the urge to masturbate just became far too overwhelming to avoid, and I went slowly for about 10 minutes before having a huge orgasm and launching a massive load into the air.

The point is, even without prostate orgasm you can still have a really mind-blowingly good experience. I think it's really important not to lose sight of that fact, and introducing prostate play into my solo sessions has made them immensely more satisfying than they used to be.

TL;DR: Don't worry about having a prostate orgasm, just enjoy the feelings and you'll have a better time.



  1. That’s interesting I have been trying to focus on having an orgasm even though I don’t think I have had one either yet I will have to try that just focusing on fantasies instead and try to just enjoy the feelings I get

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