Exercise to improve normal orgasm

Hi guys,

I was wondering if the aneros can also help with normal p-in-v orgasms? I have no problems with getting aroused or erections, but it takes a real long time to come when I have sex with my fiance. Possibly this could be due to being circumcised or death-grip-masturbation techniques. I often have the feeling that I'm just about to come during sex, but then at the final moment it's like I lose it. This can go one for a few cycles until I finally orgasm.

Do you think the aneros can help with this? Maybe just by training the pelvic muscle. I'm not really interested in multiple orgasm via prostate, just looking for a way to have better sex with my SO. Any particular set of exercises with the aneros helix syn would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/42fcju/exercise_to_improve_normal_orgasm/


  1. Just do kegel exercises. Aneros will most likely cause you to cum faster than you wish during sex, or in some people’s cases make it really hard to.

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