1. Aneros isn’t so much about size. A happy medium for most is the Helix. You should try all techniques first to get the hang of it. I would suggest for your first run to lay back and relax for thirty minutes, then try some deep breathing to see what happens. Try that for thirty minutes before starting very light kegel motions.

  2. I had similar thoughts when buying my first Aneros. I had some experience with things much bigger than even the Progasm so I went with the Progasm as my first one. It was a mistake. I found that size didn’t do anything for me. I have since tried several smaller models and the smaller the better. I am not saying that will be true for you but I would try the Helix or MGX as your first model because they are in the middle in regards to size/girth between all the models.

  3. Awesome!!! I just found out that Nexus has a new product, Nexus Sparta. Ordered now since I’ve been very impressed with their revo products. Aneros on hold for the moment but thanks for the feedback anyway

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