Being quiet during sessions

Hey all, I've not long had my aneros. I've used it about 3 times and it's really really nice. I seem to be moving through the milestones pretty quick too. I've reached 'Ability to grow pleasure outside of sessions'. I was playing with my nips and rubbing my perineum on my chair this morning and I really noticed it, had little mini contractions, not orgasmic though. Feels so good haha.

I seem to involuntarily make noise when I use it though, does anyone else have this? I live in a house with paper thin walls and I can't be noisy, really annoying. I noticed that restricting being vocal reduces the pleasure, possibly because of the mental energy required to keep quiet? Is it possible to be quiet when you use it and reach orgasmic levels? I've really noticed that your mindset seems to make or break your pleasure with it so if I'm always worrying about being noisy I'm not sure I'll be able to cross over any time soon?



  1. In this regard, it is quite similiar to sex. The more you let go, the more you’ll start to enjoy yourself

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