Deviating from the recommended method

My partner is multi-orgasmic, in the sense that he is able to regularly achieve prostate orgasm, even without anything inserted. A tweak of his nipple or a long kiss will start involuntaries and in a matter of a minute, he’s basically cumming on the inside.

His Aneros path was a bit different than what most people recommend within this subreddit and also within the aneros forums. Most everyone says to not touch your dick at all, which will in turn separate your mind from your dick in terms of one’s primary source of arousal and pleasure.

When he first started using the aneros, he would basically manipulate the device manually, almost as if it were a secondary pleasure source while masturbating. He would rub his insides, sometimes “thrashing” it around, as he says until he was about to cum. When he was right on the edge of cumming, he would let go of his dick, slide the aneros in and out slightly in a fucking motion, or apply intense pressure with it. After a short time (a couple weeks), he was able to consistently conjure a euphoric “build-up”… Something I have only experienced twice within my 6 months of aneros use (using it in a more traditional sense, without penile stimulation) . He would do this multiple times per jack-off session, always being able to reproduce it by either rubbing or with extreme pressure while on the edge of ejaculation.

Over time, he would start to get involuntary contractions– with his internals, as he says, basically mimicing what he was doing with his hands, on its own. He would sometimes at this point, manually thrust the device (MGX) in and out at the same time his body would do it naturally.

Eventually, his level of pleasure got to the point where his body automatically going through these motions was enough to arouse him to the point of conjuring the same build-up (although he said it took longer to happen when he wasn’t manually manipulating the device). At that point, he wasn’t paying attention to his dick at all during his sessions. Eventually, the build-ups arrived quicker and the sensations got better and better, until he had his first prostate orgasm (about 1 year after his first use).

Has anyone else tried this method? I’ve tried a couple times doing this with an njoy pure wand, which an hour after I was finished, spawned a machine gun like spasm in my rectum that I’d never felt before. Did he basically wake up his prostate, teaching his body what feels good, only to have it automatically take over? This is completely contrary to what I’ve heard is the right way to train your body, like I said, so I would be very curious is anyone else has had similar results from just having fun with the device, rather than sticking with a regimen of relaxation and doing almost nothing.


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  1. you misread, everybody says that you should relax and enjoy. you should have fun and that’s the point. you feel your body, you do what works for you. and if you think about it in terms of methods you already lost.

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