Made a breakthrough! Need input on what step I am at on the journey!

Hey y’all!

I had a major breakthrough yesterday. After years of trying, I finally decided to just put in my aneros (the Helix Syn) and lay down while I catch up on an erotic graphic novel I have been reading. Within 30 minutes the aneros was knocking on my prostate and I was feeling tingles all over coming in waves through my body. It would happen again and again, and felt fantastic! After about an hour of this the need to cum became too great and I finished off the traditional way. However, later that night while laying down I suddenly started having the waves hit me again. It sounds weird, but the only way I can describe it is as if my prostate and lower abdomen were yawning. It felt wonderful! It even happened on the way to work the next morning!

I am curious, have I reached the super-O or am I still on the path to discovery? I will continue to enjoy my aneros regardless, and the sensations were great, but they weren’t the ‘spiritual epiphany’ described in other posts.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!



  1. Hi, what you had sounds wonderful, but I don’t think it was a Super-O. I started about a year ago and have had a lot p-waves, MMO’s, but only one Super-0.

    Believe me, if you had it, then you would know you had it.

    From my personal experience: The control of your body is taken from you, you entered the trip, you’re going to see it to the end. The stimulation is so strong you wonder if you’re going to die and if this is how your body will be found … but you don’t care – the pleasure is so intense. Then after what seems like 10 minutes, you feel this all engulfing warmth, then you start to visualize scenes with water. Mine was be breaking through water into air and gasping at breath.

    Keep going!

  2. I have had the fealling of the warmth but felt like I had control of it the whole time during that warmth

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