First mini-o?

I think I reached a milestone today, felt so good. This is probably about my 7th session?

I was lying on my back for this one. I’ve been doing some contraction exercises and deep breathing, and I put it in this morning because I was all relaxed from sleeping and horny, my libido always peaks in the morning.

I’m pretty sure they worked because around the 1 hour mark I was on my back riding the aneros while doing some contractions and pleasure started to build up and it felt really really good.

Then my ass clenched and I felt what was VERY like a traditional orgasm before you ejaculate but more based where my perineum was and it felt absolutely great! Lasted about the same length of time too, I dripped a lot of precum out too and then it started to die down and I felt quite calm again.

I played with it a bit more but it didn’t reach that level again. I did start getting quaking muscle shakes that rocked the bed without a huge amount of pleasure, still felt nice. I took it out and my anus was still contracting and acting as though the aneros was in there and it still feels good in there about 20 minutes later :P.

What do you think, have I had a mini-o? What are you experiences of them?



  1. So nothing happened for the first hour? How did you stay aroused and avoid frustration?

  2. What type of contraction exercises were you doing? Was it basically what’s described in the aneros wiki? I think I’ve been doing a little too much of nothing during my sessions…

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