Choosing btw Helix (classic/syn) or MGX

Hey all. So, I’m a *complete* beginner to this, and I understand these three options are the best for that.

What I am less sure about are how these compare. For example, the shape between helix and mgx is clearly different, but I’m not sure what different type of feeling to expect from this. Also, I know the classic syn helix is made from different material, but again idk how that changes anything.

Complete beginning here trying to be more adventurous, sorry about all the ignorance and thanks for the help!


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  1. I have the Helix Syn, and I love it. But it’s not as simple as that.

    At some point, I felt I wanted something larger. The MGX didn’t seem like what I had in mind, so I went with the Progasm. I like that too… but sometimes it feels too big. I read on the Aneros site somewhere that they thought the MGX would be their largest model, but by request of some customers, made the Prograsm.

    So, here’s the breakdown, from my perspective. In some circumstances, the Progasm can be a helluva a lot of fun; in others, it’s just too much. It feels like the “brute force” approach.

    By contrast, the Helix is “nimble”. It doesn’t “fill you up”, instead it is easily manipulated by kegel action and has more freedom to move around, to tickle your prostate.

    I don’t have the MGX but I suspect it’s a good middle ground. I think the Aneros designers were correct in originally intending it to be their largest model. It probably “fills” more than the Helix but isn’t too large to move around easily.

    Once they’re lubed, I don’t feel much difference between the Syn and Classic materials.

    I can’t recommend the Helix or MGX specifically. They each will have their own advantages. I did fine starting out with the Helix. Everyone’s anatomy is slightly different, so what works for one guy may not do as well for another.

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