1. Get everything you need to do in the day out of the way. Get everything prepared and ready yourself. Shower, stretch, lock the doors, and get comfy. Close your eyes, find a comfortable position. Focus on your breathing and the feelings within your body.

  2. I find that if I place too much attention on what’s happening inside, I just get a ‘watched pot’ effect and nothing really develops.

    I’ve had more luck with reading a book in bed – gets me nice and relaxed, but not distracted to the point where I don’t notice the sensations building

  3. I don’t think you have to completely empty your mind. Remove distractions and don’t think about random unrelated crap, sure, but you don’t have to transcend time and space. If anything I’d say becoming too detached from what you’re doing might work against you. Just stay with the sensations and how sexy what you’re doing is. Lose yourself in that. Allow fantasies to drift in and out. When you can get a good base-line of subtle pleasure happening, it gets a lot easier to gage how relaxed you need to be.

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