1. The first time I felt contact with my prostate was when I very slightly wiggled my hips from side to side. This caused the aneros to move over my prostate horizontally, rather than up and down as you get with contractions.

    Not sure why it worked, maybe because there’s so much going on with the contractions that its hard to understand the sensations at first. Now I’m much more aware of what’s what down there, and I can feel the contact with contractions.

  2. You can also try edging, (normally masturbating to just before the point of no return), a couple of times and then afterwards relax a little and try inserting the aneros. This should make the prostate significantly more sensitive and allow you to feel it more when your having trouble and don’t really know what to expect or what to feel.

    Not intended for the normal sessions but can be a really helpful exercise for beginners. Having the right porn, audio file or general horny mood/mind set can make a huge difference. Sometimes the stars align, but don’t start getting frustrated or worry that you have the wrong shaped model….. What have you. Just try to have fun and find some pleasant sensations you find you like.

    Also keep trying several different positions as this also makes an impact

  3. The nerves are sort of weird down there. I wouldn’t focus so much on trying to tie the location of the prostate to the location of where the feelings happen. You might be hitting the right spot, but feeling pleasure somewhere else. I can’t locate the lump either, or if I have it doesn’t respond directly to touch. It’s not a penis-head, and you have to allow the rules to be different.

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