So i got a Aneros Helix Syn (first time user)

Better late than never. So i finally ordered a helix syn, being a newb and all.
I’ve located my prostate using my fingers before, but could not really make something of it. It’s a bit tingly initially when fingering it, but then i fades away. Plus, i can never find a comfortable enough position to do that for very long.

So during my first session with the anreos i initially used water based lube, but then switched to coconut oil because it seemed it could move more freely what way. I watched some porn and did some nipple play, since that usually gets me going anyway.
Then i started doing contractions and at first it felt tingly, like i’ve felt before but it didn’t fade away like it usually does. It’s sort of the same tingly sensation like from nipple play which is rather nice. After like 45 minutes it started to feel different. With every contraction there was a sensation much like the crest of an orgasm, not very intense at all but still very nice. Comparable to having good sex, but without the actual orgasm. I’m not completely sure but at some point i think a could vaguely feel a buildup, but i couldn’t make it continue, but it’s a step in the right direction i suppose. Anyway, after 2-3 hours i gave up chasing anything more and just finished myself off the ordinary way.

I’m kinda satisfied with those results for it being my first time. Could only get better from here i guess.


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  1. Sounds fantastic for a first time!

    A few pointers if you didn’t already know:

    I suggest you get a lube launcher to get the best benefit out of water-based lube. Putting lube on the Aneros isn’t good enough because once you insert most just comes off. Oil and jelly tends to stick better. A launcher will shoot a small amount of lube inside so everything is happy. Myself, I do water-based lube and lube the Aneros with coconut oil just in case.

    You might want to try abstinence for a few days as that’ll build you up a bit.

    As manual contractions work well for you, keep doing that for a while. But I do suggest you try relaxing and “doing nothing” at some point and (what works best for me) constant light pressure.

    Don’t focus so much on (dick) cumming; focus more on the feelings within you and riding that as far as you can.

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