pretty sure it just happened

so this was my last post 2 months ago. going by what was described reading about it, it feels exactly like a wave. I wouldn’t say its like an traditonal orgasm imo it feels different and I wouldn’t say its overly crazy where I would just lose it. I would describe it as my brain blinking on top of the wave metaphor.

as to how I got there I would had tried many things from listening to binaural hands free audio as mentioned here. watching videos and stimulating nipples. my relaxed position would be sitting up against a pillow with legs bent. both of these while feel good didn’t quite push me over.

my last session would be my 7th day abstaining from masturbating. I did the usual but I took a few breaks from watching porn and just rested with legs splayed out flat. I kept the audio going, and I found after awhile what triggered something was thinking about something totally unrelated. like shopping online or imagining walking through somewhere. I was able to replicate this maybe 3 – 4 times lasting a minute on average, I’m thinking maybe if I keep at it something further would happen. anyway I got tired and just took a rest, overall it took me maybe 3-4 hours.

I’m not sure if its a mini-o maybe? are mini-o’s similar to a super-o just on a smaller scale?

really wanna jerk off now, but am afraid it will reset everything I’ve done……..


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  1. If you haven’t gapped yet, don’t start now. Keep trying the hypnosis. Which audio are you listening to?

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