Success after much trial and error. Don’t give up!

Hello everyone,

I got my first aneros a little more than a year ago, and my experience with it has definitely had it’s ups and downs (heyo). I have the original helix classic as well as later acquiring the progasm (I’m rather tall so I figure it might hit my prostate better). Anyway, I essentially tried pretty much everything in the book: do nothing, contractions in rhythm with my breathing, taking a bath/yoga before a sesh, hypnosis, etc. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. Having seen many posts about not trying to force the issue and what not, I decided to get really serious about the process and refrain from any sort of penile contact for a week. In this time period, I did about 2-3 aneros sessions (without any sort of climax) before eventually getting too aroused and finishing in the traditional way. This week definitely did help “awaken” new sensations.

So today, about a week later I decided to give it another try. I didn’t feel especially in the mood and generally just minimally prepared. It somehow felt different this time. Without all the fuss of bathing relaxing/listening to bianural beats and all the other bullshit I unintentionally went into the session without any expectations and resolved to just feel my throw the whole thing. The breakthrough actually came when I went back to a position that traditionally had given my positive feedback (lying flat on your back, feet wide apart, small support under the butt). I realized, that I had been trying to apply my kegal pressure in the wrong way. If you imagine the inside of your anal region as a cylindrical prism (with one side facing your legs, and the other your torso), I was trying to apply pressure on the lower side towards my feet and the upper wall towards my torso simultaneously. This time, I decided to try just applying pressure into the upper wall (cutting off a piss stream) and then occasionally on the upper side towards my feet. This got me to a familiar stage of successful feedback of which I just sort of allowed sweep me away.

And what a ride it was. The sensations begin with the tightening of my lower abdominals (and the area above the obliques) as my prostate began to ache like your muscles do the days following a good weight lifting session. It became increasingly difficult to catch my breath, in much the same way as riding a “drop zone” free fall rollercoaster. Pleasure simply radiated throughout my body as long as I maintained kegel compression upward. The toy galloped beneath my prostate like a horse and rider.

Once, I relieved the pressure the sensations gradually subsided, but I was able to replicate the feeling 3-4 more times afterwards. I then switched to my progasm and, with a little help with some porn, was able to have another orgasm that felt a lot more similar to a traditional orgasm but probably lasted a minute and a half up to 2 minutes. I probably spent a few hours total just enjoying wherever the ride would take me. I only really stopped because my kegel muscles became too tired to maintain enough pressure.

Anyway, I mostly wrote this post to encourage those of you who have been trying for a while but just haven’t quite cracked the code. After today, I definitely feel like it was time well spent and I am excited for the future!



  1. **Congratulations**! I felt exactly the same way when I had my first breakthrough, and it just keeps getting better after that! I found that less is more with the Aneros, lighter contractions working much better than stronger. Did you have any ‘spinning’ sensations during your prostate orgasm? It’s different for everybody, but that’s the feeling I most remember.

    Keep those expectations low and good luck next session!

  2. Did this happen with the Progasm? how strong was the pressure and how did you change the type of kegel?

    Been at it for a year and have only gotten ‘nice’ feelings that can’t ever build up to release.

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