Another beginners post.

I recently bought a aneros on a impulse buy from lovers lane and have ben having a hard time getting into the swing of things. Theres new feelings and im not sure if theyre good or bad. after prep I get everything in with no problem at all -still going slowly though- and at first there is nothing, literally nothing except the urge to head to the bathroom, eventually after a lot of kegals I begin to feel a tingling sensation that is really close to numbness, it starts in around the toy and starts to radiate out to around my cheeks -the ones close to the action-, I assume this is the good feeling, or what will become the good feeling, but soon after that it feels that near the end of the aneros is rubbed raw and chaffing, its really un settling and normally leads to the end of the session. is this normal? is there a way to avoid it? im using a decent brand of lube that the store recommended then again I am still new and I have only tried it four times. thanks for your time everyone.


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  1. >im using a decent brand of lube that the store recommended

    What brand of lube would that be? You shouldn’t feel ‘raw and chafed’ at the end of a session, how long are you going for?

    Anyway, I’ve had a lot of luck with Unrefined Coconut Oil. Lasts much longer than the water-based lube that I’ve tried in the past. Give that a try if you want, no chafing here. 🙂

    Good luck!

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